London v Sydney: You Decide!

by Jules on December 11, 2013

How’s this for a tough question; where do you prefer, London or Sydney? The traditional food, cultural sights and annual festivals has put both of these two great cities on the map.

On the one hand London has the iconic Big Ben which is something of a landmark across England, whilst Sydney of course has the highly distinctive Sydney Opera House, which incidentally just celebrated its 40th anniversary. And when it comes to annual events, both cities really know how to party; London is famous the world over for its colourful Caribbean-esque Notting Hill Carnival and Sydney really goes to town come Mardi Gras season. Then of course there are the traditional cuisines that really define a destination; if you haven’t sampled an authentic jellied eel (yes really) then you haven’t lived! Alternatively the famous rock oyster of Sydney may be more to your liking!

Thanks to our friends at Expedia, these and other great cultural conundrums are explored in this thought-provoking infographic.

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