Ultimate Labor Day Destinations Revealed

by Jules on August 29, 2013

Labor Day weekend is almost upon us and the ultimate travel destinations have just been revealed by Priceline, based on eleven years of study and research.

Interestingly Labor Day city breaks continue to dominate as beach breaks are put on the back burner. Late August/early September can be an iffy time travel wise, what with fall storms kicking off. Cities are a much safer bet with their indoor-centric activities; interesting museums, art galleries and theatres. There’s also a whole host of sports events kicking off, and if all else fails, there’s always the ubiquitous shopping mall.

Held each first Monday of September, Labor Day honours all the working men and women and is held simultaneously in the USA and Canada, although the exact origins are unknown. The date signals the unofficial start to the fall season, with typically autumnal pastimes proving popular, such as attending state fairs, tracking stunning fall foliage spots and sampling the latest vintages on offer at wineries and vineyards.

Top 8 Travel Destinations for Labor Day 2013

1.  New York City
2.  Chicago
3.  Las Vegas
4.  San Francisco
5.  Seattle
6.  Boston
7.  San Diego
8.  New Orleans

Save Money on Labor Day Roadtrips

Millions will take to the roads this weekend to enjoy the extra time off work and with a little bit of careful pre-planning you’ll be able to keep the hard-earned budget in check.

Simple tips such as giving your vehicle a pre-travel overhaul; top up the levels and fluids, check the tire pressure and change the oil (if due) to keep the engine running efficiently. Ditch all the junk from your trunk and loose the roof box, which all weigh your vehicle down. Pre-programme your GPS, bag the spare room at your relatives’ house and you’re all set – enjoy!

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