Choose Morocco for a Vacation With a Difference

by Jules on August 29, 2013

Morocco is a vacation destination that has much to offer tourists of varying tastes and interests. This exotic land is just a bit larger than the state of California and the terrain varies from intimate beaches along the mountainous Mediterranean coast to the shifting sands of the Sahara desert. The Atlantic coast extends from Tangier to Tarfaya, with the romantic town of Casablanca situated along the coastline. Travellers are able to enjoy a wide variety of activities while visiting Morocco, including the favourite choices listed below.

Beautiful Beaches and Water Activities

Enjoying a holiday in a warm climate isn’t complete without spending lots of time in or near the water. Moroccan beaches are beautiful and face both the rugged Atlantic Ocean (perfect for watersports enthusiasts) and the Mediterranean (perfect for families). The majority of the beaches on the Atlantic coast are near cities, so a short stroll from nearby accommodations is all that is needed to access the stretches of fine sand well suited for swimming in the ocean or perfecting a tan. Dakhla Bay is located further to the south where the north-east trade winds create waves appropriate for all board sports and jet skiing. The area between Tangier and Al Hoceima on the Mediterranean coast is calmer and warmer and better suited for swimming, snorkelling and kayaking.

Culture, Arts and Museums

No vacation to a land of diverse cultures such as Morocco would be complete without visiting the beautiful palaces, museums and mosques. The rich history of the region is reflected in collections of ceramics, embroidered fabrics, jewellery and leather objects. Don’t miss the Dar Si Saïd museum in Marrakech which is packed of Moroccan arts. Explore the sumptuous palace of Dar Batha in Fez and browse the intriguing Museum of Moroccan Art in Rabat.

The medinas of Morocco are older areas of the city where many small shops and markets can be discovered. The larger medians house historic riads which are traditional Moroccan houses with interior courtyards and gardens. You can also opt for villas and guesthouses such as those on And when you’re ready to shop, unique and authentic treasures can be purchased in these little shops, and they are valued as souvenirs.

Discover Morocco by Hiking, Trekking and Visiting the Parks

Travelers with a stout constitution and thirst for adventure are sure to enjoy the awesome scenery of the Moroccan mountains and deserts as they hike the many trails through unspoilt forests, deserts and plateaus. This activity is not for the faint of heart, so short treks atop a camel or donkey is recommended for children and beginners.
Travelers visiting Morocco during February through April may choose a “mule-skiing” trip. Snow does fall in the mountains during this time, so the experienced skier can discover the remote regions of Morocco first hand. The incredible natural beauty of Morocco is available to travelers of all ages and ability in any of the many nature preserves and parks. Gazelles or a Barbary stag may be sighted while trekking through forest trails, while pink flamingos, monk seals and dolphins are easily spotted along the coast.

Moroccan Culture Promotes Festivals

Morocco is a country that welcomes festivals of many kinds, and the culture offers a warm welcome to anyone wanting to join in. The most populated cities offer festivals of music and events based on the original culture of the land. Historic outdoor settings are often the venue for concerts, and Marrakech hosts the world renowned International Film Festival. The warm and inviting atmosphere of these international festivals bring people of all cultures together and provide a bridge of understanding between the diverse cultures of the East and the West.

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