Countdown to St Patrick’s Day 2012

by Jules on March 12, 2012

River Liffey in Dublin; watch it come alive on St Patricks Day 2012

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! It’s celebrated on the seventeenth of March every year and you’re almost guaranteed to see green hair, green fountains and drink green beer. Many towns and cities have celebrations and parades and some even dye their rivers green.

It is a celebration of Saint Patrick, who is commonly recognized as the patron saint of Ireland. He is accredited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. In the seventeenth century it was made a feast day, eventually it became a celebration of Irish Culture. Today, the holiday is celebrated in places such as, Great Britain, Canada, The United Sates, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, as the Irish Diaspora; The mass migration of Irish in the nineteenth and twentieth century’s. So if you’re planning to travel for the celebrations, here are just a few places you could go.

One of the most famous Irish festivals outside of Ireland is in New York City. Many of America’s Irish immigrants passed through New York’s Ellis Island. Some of these people settled in New York, while others settled elsewhere. The festivities in New York start with one of the biggest parades of the year. The parade marches down 44th street. It has floats, and bag pipes. It is one of the largest Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations. You may also want to see Madison Square Gardens, Time Square and New York’s Central Park to name but a few! There are plenty of things to see and do 24/7 in New York City.

With so many people moving away from their homeland, you will find an Irishman in many of the biggest cities. The southern United States are no exception; you will find Irish descendants from Atlanta to Savannah. These southern towns are not to be missed with their southern charm. In Atlanta you will find a parade that rivals that of New York and In Savannah they dye the river green. In Savannah you can enjoy southern charm and a walk down River Street while taking in a cold green beer.

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