7 Inspiring Spiritual Retreats

by Jules on March 14, 2012

Find balance and peace in your life with a spiritual retreat break

If you are looking to center yourself and take in a location that is sure to change your outlook on life, there are many different spiritual retreats and locations in the world. The word ‘spiritual’ might mean something different to some people, with some individuals finding a spiritual fulfilment by simply being in the great outdoors, while others look for holy facilities individuals from different countries consider sacred. No matter what your definition of spiritual retreat is, there is the perfect location out there just for you;

1. Southeast Asia.
Throughout this area of the world there are hundreds of small Buddhist monasteries and small, tranquil retreats where you can center yourself. From rice paddies out from the scurrying cities to the temples that line most of the streets, it is possible to find exactly what you are looking for in Southeast Asia. Try Vietnam for quaint colonial beauty, Thailand for peaceful serene islands or Laos for an old world charm.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru.
This not only is an amazing spiritual retreat, but one of the great wonders of the world. The ruins of one of the last great Incan cities stands here among high mountain tops. Try to come early in the morning when there are slighty fewer  crowds and you’ll see the peaks of these mountains puncturing their way through the fog. It is an amazing site.

3. Tibet and Nepal
. This might be the ultimate spiritual retreat for someone who doesn’t mind a little climbing and exercise. Once you arrive in the port of entry, public transportation is often at a minimum, so you must hire a guide (don’t worry, it is incredibly inexpensive in this region of the world). Trekking for miles until you reach some of the world’s most amazing monasteries is sure to change your life, plus the crowds are few, so you can really experiencing this spiritual retreat on your own.

4. Jerusalem, Israel. No list would be complete without the holy city of Jerusalem. The world’s three major religions all claim important foundations in the city, and although it is often in turmoil, it is a must see for anyone looking for a spiritual retreat.

5. Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This is the holy city for Islam, as every Muslim man is required to visit Mecca at least once in his lifetime. The holy city isn’t just for Muslims though, and it is an incredibly site for taking in a spiritual journey.

6. Vatican, Italy. This city-state is the home to the Catholic pope and contains some of the greatest works of art the world has ever seen. Like then last two on the list, however, you must face large throngs of crowds.

7. Jordan. There are dozens of biblical events that took place in this region of the world, and with the proper guide, you are able to stand in some of the very same locations that Moses, Jesus and others stood, long before our time.

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