Would you drive a tuk-tuk at home?

by Jules on October 25, 2010

Tuk Tuk Factory

Picture this; a hot and humid evening in central Bangkok, weaving your way through traffic and pedestrians in the back of a noisy, dangerous, hair-raising tuk-tuk. Now imagine owing your very own tuk-tuk or spotting one cruising the streets of your home town. It may happen sooner than you think as a Dutch company is building electric tuk tuks.

Billed as sustainable transport with zero emissions they are “not only for the rich and famous, but for your fun and our planet!” Electric tuk-tuks are smaller than most cars so can zip through the traffic and with a top speed of 50 km per hour, they could be a great choice for a city runabout vehicle. Choose from 3 or 6 vehicle options and enjoy a more luxurious journey than the Asian versions as the new breed of tuk tuks are fitted with radios and heaters.  Snap one up for around 11,000 Euros and polish your eco-halo in the process. In fact the only thing you’ll miss (if you’ve experienced a genuine tuk-tuk ride) is the loud noise which gives the vehicle its name!

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