10 Sensational Street Food Destinations

by Jules on October 15, 2010

Enjoy a tasty durian fruit prepared in front of you.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or just want to sample some local food, you can’t beat street food stalls for authentic cuisine that costs just a few dollars. Go with your instincts; does the stall look pretty clean and tidy, does the stall have a busy trade and does the food actually look and smell OK? Ask yourself these questions and you can’t go far wrong. And if in doubt, stick to the vegetarian options and avoid the water.

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Head to one of the many food centers dotted around KL for an amazing choice of Malaysian and Indian foods; spicy curry enthusiasts will not be disappointed! Try curry served on a banana leaf, roti bread filled with kaya (coconut jam), noodles and satay.
9. Tokyo, Japan – Dining in Tokyo can be expensive so seek out the street vendors selling fresh udon and ramen noodles, octopus dough balls (takoyaki), yakitori BBQ sticks and of course the odd sushi stall here and there.
8. Mexico City, Mexico – To get a real taste of authentic Mexican food look no further than the street vendors whipping up fresh burritos, tacos and quesadillas. Take your pick of meats or go vege and don’t forget to try the juice and fruit stalls too.
7. Tel Aviv, Israel – With good quality, mainly kosher, street food Tel Aviv will also appeal to vegetarians with falafel and sabich (pitta with egg, pickled cabbage, and aubergine) widely available.
6. Paris, France – Take a breather from all that fine dining and check out the filled baguettes and freshly cooked crepes on various stalls dotted about Paris.
5. Istanbul, Turkey – Soak up the European street food influence in Istanbul with simit (sesame bread), balik ekmek (fish sandwich) and kumpir (baked potato with various toppings). And of course there are doner kebabs aplenty (lamb served in pitta) and sweet sticky baklava for desert.
4. Marrakech, Morocco – Hit the local souks of Marrakech to find an array of open air food vendors with tagines, fish, cous cous and aubergine dishes on offer. For the un-squeamish there’s also the traditional sheep’s head to try.
3. Mumbai, India – Just thinking about the huge array of Indian food is making me salivate. Mumbai’s streets are literally lined with thousands of street stalls selling chaat (spicy dough and vegetable snacks), traditional breads and of course a multitude of vegetable dishes and sweet treats.
2. Bangkok, Thailand – Pretty much every street in Bangkok, and indeed many other towns in Thailand, are lined with street vendors selling everything from freshly squeezed juice, snacks and main sit-down meals. Grab one of the little plastic stools and tuck into noodles and stir fries. Check out backpacker area Khao San Road where pad thai noodle dishes are incredibly cheap.
1. Hong Kong – Both Kowloon and Hong Kong Island itself have a great selection of street food vendors serving up delicacies such as delicious dim sum, noodle soups and curried fish ball. Head to the night market areas of Temple Street and Mong Kok in Kowloon and Causeway Bay and Wan Chai on the island for a taste explosion. And don’t forget the Asian delicacy; stinky yet somehow tasty durian!

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