The Beauty of Harrogate’s Buildings

by Julia on July 28, 2020

Harrogate is a highly prosperous part of the world and the region is host to many stunning Edwardian and Victorian designed buildings. Many homes in the town and surrounding area are worth £1,000,000 or higher.  It is widely known as one of the most expensive Towns to live in the North of England.

Due to such high wealth and with a glittering history of being such a popular holiday destination over the years. Many visitors still come each year to visit the nearby spectacular walks and eye widening scenery. People come and stay in the older hotels or (more recently) like to stay in the town centre the other Harrogate accommodation option – self catering.

With so much to offer the tourists here, it comes as no surprise that Harrogate has some truly wonderful buildings in the area. We’re going to show you all of our must see favourites.

Harewood House

Now this Estate is host to some fascinating art/architecture. Built in the 1700’s and painted by popular artist J. W Turner this house has been officially listed as a grade I building, with many other buildings in the 1,000 acre grounds listed too. Some of the interior designs are truly mesmerizing and it is worth every penny to go and see this living piece of history.


Railway Viaduct over the River Nidd

If you are traveling by train, you probably won’t be able to see this amazing listed piece of architecture. The best thing to do is hop off at the railway station at Knaresborough and go on a walk up the otherside of the river. Here, you will see this spectacular view of the 19th century Railway Viaduct looming over the beautiful flowing River Nidd. Best time to see this  building is at dusk when the sky creates some beautiful colours and the river reflects them wonderfully on the underside of the Viaduct.


Harrogate Theatre

Home of the performing arts in the centre of Harrogate. This stand out red brick building catches your eye from both the outside and interior. The building opened in 1900 and is a grade II listed building, just one of many that are around the Harrogate area. There is a plaque on the front of the building that pays tribute to all the famous performers that have graced the stage. It is one of the only theatres that has the old school style rigging system for its lighting, curtains, props and backdrops.


Majestic Hotel & Spa

You cannot miss this gargantuan red brick building overlooking the town centre on Ripley Road hill. Another building that opened in 1900 the sheer design of the property makes you stand back in awe.  The grounds are covered in glorious grassy hills surrounded by trees, it is the perfect place for some R&R. You would never know you were in the town centre if you visited. It has over 184 rooms, swimming pools, spas, multiple function rooms.

Spofforth Castle

If you’re into your countryside walks then this is a great place to stretch your legs and breath in the fresh Yorkshire air. And the best part of it is, it’s free! Spofforth Castle is based at an old rocky ruin overlooking the village Spofforth. The original buildings were created in the 11th century and over the next few centuries the castle was built as a part of William the Conqueror’s reign. It is a marvelous castle to explore, you walk around and get lost in time travel whistler wandering around the rooms, stairs, halls and the chapel.

Royal Pump Room

Known for its access to the natural sulphur springs in the town centre, The Royal Pump Room is a small Grade II listed building located next to the beautiful Valley Gardens. One of the main reasons why Harrogate became such a popular place to visit is because of the “natural healing waters” that was derived from the springs here, this place was originally a spa water pump house. Now the town’s museum, it hosts a fantastic look back in time records dating way, way back with a variety of special items from Ancient Egyptian times.

Knaresborough Castle

Probably the oldest building on the list, built circa 1100 this old castle ruin overlooks the stunning riverside walk of Knaresborough (this is where you get to see great views of the River Nidd Viaduct mentioned previously). To get there you can either wander past the boutique shops, boat houses, bars and eateries and up the cliff face. Or you can venture up from the town centre and avoid the heighty climb from the riverside. Whilst you’re there you may be able to see the famous Ravens, one of which was donated by the Tower of London back in 2000. There is not much to the Castle ruin, most of it has decimated over the years!  However, this place is a really great place to stretch your legs, have a drink by the river and soak up all that’s good about Yorkshire.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and recuperation holiday steeped in history, then by all means, get yourselves to Harrogate!

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