9 reasons to book an all-inclusive holiday

by Julia on July 27, 2020

Whether you’re considering a history-filled break in Rome, a relaxing beach holiday in Spain or a family-friendly holiday to Greece, it’s likely that you’ve considered going all-inclusive. Although these holidays can seem quite expensive when compared with self-catering breaks, they provide you with a number of advantages. Here are nine reasons why you should book an all-inclusive holiday.

#1 Take all of the stress out of your break

When you book an all-inclusive holiday, you take all the stress out of booking your break. Because you’re getting all your holiday essentials for one price, you don’t need to worry about continually comparing lots of quotes and tracking your spending. You also don’t need to worry about researching where all the best bars and restaurants are in the area, or what fun activities you can plan. This is because the resorts offered by all-inclusive holiday companies take care of everything, so you can focus on relaxing and looking forward to your break.

However, when you’re booking an all-inclusive holiday you’re putting a lot of trust in the company you’re using. Due to this, it’s a good idea to research your provider before you book. The best way of doing this is by checking whether they provide you with ATOL protection and whether they’re members of ABTA.

As well as this, you should check what people who have booked with them before have said about them. If you see lots of positive user comments, like these TUI reviews, you’ll know you’ve found a provider you can trust with your cash. If the reviews are far more negative, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

#2 Save time

If you book your flights, your hotel and your transfers separately, the whole process can take you a long time. You may feel like you’re constantly comparing prices, finding different operators and looking for different booking confirmation codes.

But, when you choose an all-inclusive holiday, you can book everything with just a couple of clicks. This is because most all-inclusive holidays include your:

  • Flights

  • Accommodation

  • Transfers

  • Luggage

So, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is getting yourself to the airport.

#3 Great value for money

Although at first glance an all-inclusive holiday may appear more expensive than a self-catering holiday, it may actually save you money in the long run. In fact, Populus data shows that nearly 50% of all holidaymakers think that an all-inclusive break is great value for money.

Remember, all of your food and drink is included in the price you pay, so there’s no need to spend a single penny if you don’t plan on leaving the hotel – it can make all those beers and cocktails by the pool taste even sweeter!

The best way to decide whether booking an all-inclusive holiday will help you save money is to research the local area and see how much your food and drink will cost you if you eat out regularly. In addition to this, you should also check exactly what’s included in your deal. Some providers may not include certain alcoholic beverages, or others may not allow you to dine in a certain restaurant without paying a supplement.

But, remember that the fluctuating value of the pound can also impact your break, according to The Independent. So, going out for meals could become very expensive if you choose to go on a self-catering break instead. This means that all-inclusive holidays also provide you with more certainty.

#4 Great facilities and lots of entertainment

Hotels usually understand that if they’re offering an all-inclusive package, guests will spend much more time in the hotel grounds than self-catering holidaymakers would. As a result, they tend to pride themselves on offering plenty of entertainment and lots of activities.

During the daytime, you can usually expect lots of fun and games as well as a full schedule of sports. Whether you’d rather play water polo, have a game of tennis or even join a cocktail-making masterclass, you’ll usually have an option available. Plus, what’s more, these hotels often do a great deal to look after the kids. So, if you want to enjoy a relaxing break, you’ll usually be able to drop the little ones off at the kids’ club, where they have their own full schedule of events.

#5 Unlimited food and drink

Holidays are no time for calorie-counting and, on an all-inclusive holiday, you’ll certainly never have to wait long between meals. Most all-inclusive holidays include three full meals per day plus regular snack breaks, so you’ll never be hungry for long.

What’s more, there’s absolutely no need to worry about being bored of continually eating the same meals. The vast majority of all-inclusive hotels have a large, family-friendly buffet restaurant as their main eatery, but there’s normally a revolving theme which means you can sample food from all over the world. In addition to this, many all-inclusive hotels also have several a la carte restaurants you can dine at. In fact, some all-inclusive hotels are so large that you can dine in a different restaurant every single night during a week-long stay.

#6 A chance to pamper yourself

For many people, holidays are all about relaxation. If you’ve already taken the stress out of your holiday by booking an all-inclusive break, why not pamper yourself while you’re away?

Many all-inclusive hotels now offer spa and wellness facilities for their guests. This means you can treat yourself to a facial, a back, neck and shoulders massage or a full spa day. There’s often a small supplement to pay for this, but it can really help you unwind in the sunshine.

#7 Location, location, location

Hotels that offer all-inclusive breaks are often vast, sprawling complexes that occupy prime real estate. Usually, these hotels are purpose-built complexes that hug the coastline and provide breathtaking views. Sometimes, due to their size and location, they even have their own private beaches.

Plus, if you’re thinking about visiting a location that’s in a slightly more dangerous location that doesn’t have a focus on tourism, then an all-inclusive holiday can provide you with safety and peace of mind knowing that you’re safe and protected.

#8 A little slice of luxury

As you may have guessed from all of the above points, all-inclusive hotels are incredibly luxurious. As a result, once you’ve been on one all-inclusive break, you may find that you’re desperate to go on more.

That’s because all of these hotels offer little luxurious touches that can make all the difference and the service you receive is often unrivalled. So, expect little luxuries like poolside drinks service, room service and maybe even laundry services. You’ll feel like a king or queen.

#9 A choice for every situation and budget

Finally, all-inclusive holidays are now so popular that there’s a wealth of choice available. In fact, ABTA’s Holiday Habits report shows that all-inclusive breaks are becoming one of the most popular holiday types available.

Whether you like to cruise across the high seas, spend a week on the beach or immerse yourself in a city, there’s sure to be an all-inclusive hotel that suits your needs. Plus, you can also choose an all-inclusive holiday that’s ideal for your travelling party. Some adults-only retreats are made specifically for romantic breaks, while others provide endless activities for the kids. No matter what your budget and needs, there’s sure to be an all-inclusive holiday for you.

We hope these nine reasons show you exactly why you should consider an all-inclusive holiday for your next break. So, why not get searching and find the best deal for you? You could be sitting by the pool with a cocktail before you know it!

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