5 Countries To Visit If You Are A Coffee Addict

by Julia on May 18, 2020

Nothing is more exciting for a coffee-lover than heading somewhere that embodies the same passion for a good brew. Throughout the world, many places present their coffee uniquely and excitingly.

From the main coffee producers to the culinary artists, here are five countries to visit if you are a coffee addict.


Columbia is one of the leading coffee-growing countries in the world. In recent years, this South American destination has become more of a tourist hotspot. Many safety concerns have become localized, and adventurers can enjoy this extraordinary country’s cultural delights.

Columbian coffee is probably what you’re using in your single serve brewer already (see Coffee or Bust – best single serve coffee maker recommendations for more). However, you won’t want to miss the Parque del Cafe— A.K.A. The National Coffee Park— on your adventures south. At this park, you can stroll through coffee fields, taste traditional brewing methods, and use all that caffeine to enjoy the rides.


Turkish coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s an experience. Coffee played a significant role in Turkey’s history. It was the first country to open up coffee houses, and women in the middle ages were legally allowed to divorce their husbands for failure to provide adequate coffee.

Visit a traditional coffee house in Istanbul to treat yourself to this national delicacy. Turkish coffee is served with a glass of water to cleanse your palate. The grounds aren’t filtered and settle at the bottom of the cup. You’re meant to sip slowly and enjoy the company while experiencing this tradition.


France is the world leader in taking something great and making it even better. If you like fancy coffee drinks, thank France for the Café au Lait— coffee with hot milk. Pair this with some fine French baking, and you’ve got yourself a vacation your palate will love.

Fortunately, small, gourmet cafes are on every corner in Paris. Grab a macaron, a croissant, an eclair, or all three and enjoy a rich, creamy coffee.


Ethiopia is credited with being the place where it all started. They’re the purveyors of Arabica coffee and still stick to many of the traditional rituals surrounding this world-famous beverage. While a traditional coffee ceremony can take hours to complete, it’s well worth doing it once in your life.

The coffee you’ll be enjoying is called Buna. This rich beverage is often served with butter rather than milk or cream and has salt as a side rather than sugar. Don’t worry, though— thanks to the influx of Italian immigrants a few decades ago, you can get sugar at most coffee houses.

During the ritual, the hostess will process the raw beans from scratch. The guests will end up drinking three cups of coffee, each with spiritual significance, before complimenting the hostess on a job well done and sealing their friendship.


Like France, Italy took a good thing and made it even better. Lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso are all Italian delights. Espresso shots are best done standing at a bar and mingling with the locals. Make coffee a part of your overall dining experience by drinking it with tiramisu!

Wherever you go in the world, they likely have their own coffee traditions to experience. Make it a travel goal to have a sip of local brew in every country you visit.

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