Travel Packing 101: Your Ultimate Checklist for Long Haul Flights

by Julia on April 20, 2020

This holiday season, you have two options: embrace winter’s chill right at home or fly away for a much-needed R&R. Say hello to new adventures and break free from your daily hustle and bustle by travelling abroad!

Top 10 Carry on Essentials for Your Next Flight

Flying overseas this holiday season means either leaning into the holiday season entirely or escaping the winter breeze by flying to somewhere warm. No matter how and where you plan to spend your holiday, planning and preparation are key! Get ready for your next vacation with these long-haul flight essentials.

Long Flight Essentials for Entertainment

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones
    No matter your idea of a good winter break, it pays to have a trusted companion during your long-haul flights. Make the most of your six-hour travel time or more with the noise canceling headphones from Qantas for flying – your ultimate travel companion in this cold weather travel.

    Lightweight and travel-friendly, these headphones deliver everything you never imagined possible! Get access to voice assistants to play your favorite playlist, check your destination, and more – all with ease. What’s more, it allows you to minimize the distractions in your surroundings as you increase the noise cancellation feature. Make sure to bring your noise canceling headphones along on your next flight to beat the boredom.

  2. Smart Phones
    Most personal electronic devices with batteries are allowed in carry-ons. Download the necessities before you go onboard. For instance, downloading in-flight entertainment could save you from boredom if your TV malfunctions during the flight. You may also pre-download music on Spotify, books on Kindle, and movies and series on Amazon Prime or Netflix for a chill long-haul flight.

  3. Laptop
    Perfect for binge-watching your favorite series, listening to your ultimate vacation playlist, or writing your journal, there’s a lot you can do on your laptop. Taking a laptop onboard is about as normal as bringing your phones. If the airlines offer an extended-legroom class, take it! More room for your legs means more room on the tray table for your laptop!

  4. Charging Cables
    With all these gadgets and devices in your carry on, the least you would want to forget is your charger. The number of cables you need depends on how many devices you’re using. Make sure to factor in your phone, laptop, and camera for a hassle-free vacation.


Long Flight Essentials for Comfort

  1. Sleeping Mask
    After hours of entertainment, you would also want some quiet time to reenergize. However, sleeping on a plane can be a struggle with the lights turned on. That is why it’s always an excellent idea to bring a sleeping mask to cover your eyes.

  2. Neck Pillow
    Your body and brain will thank you for every small comfort you can provide during that long-haul flight. Sometimes, all it takes is a good travel pillow to land refreshed and ready to take on the city. Gear up for the long flight with a neck pillow for extra comfort.

  3. Thick Socks
    Six hours or more can be gruelling, so it’s best to keep yourself as comfortable as possible. Keep your feet clean and warm with a pair of thick, fluffy socks.

Long Flight Essentials for Health & Beauty

  1. First Aid Kit
    Pack your medicines to last your whole trip in your carry-on bag. It is also smart to take extra medicine and vitamins to make you less susceptible to catching a virus. If you’re travelling sick, pregnant, or with health conditions, be sure to talk with your doctor first. You might need other protection, such as medicines and vaccines.

  2. Hand Sanitizer
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advocates the practice of proper handwashing while on a flight. However, it can be a hassle to go to the restroom every now and then while on board. As such, it is advised that you bring a hand sanitizer. Countless people touch the seatbelt buckles, pockets, and top of seats, so don’t forget to use hand sanitizer after touching things on the plane.

  3. Antibacterial Wipes
    Studies show that aeroplanes are filthy spaces. Before you sit down and buckle up, be sure to disinfect your seat with wipes. Clean your seat belt and tray table as well. Wipe down all hard, nonporous surfaces thoroughly. Wait for 30 seconds to 4 minutes before you settle in your seat as this is when the germ-killing magic happens.

Other items to pack for your international travel include:

  • Passport and visa

  • Insurance and ID cards

  • Pen (for filling out forms)

  • Sweater (when the plane gets chilly)

  • Cash, debit and credit cards

  • Earplugs

  • Face mask

  • And more

Travelling for long hours can be stressful. It can weaken your immune system and dull your mood. Don’t let the long flight dampen your excitement! Be sure to pack these flight essentials for your peace of mind and total enjoyment this holiday season!

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