7 Best Spa Retreats for Cancer Recovery

by Julia on April 17, 2020

The path to cancer recovery has not once been clear, and it often takes a long time to address the consequences of cancer treatments. For people on this journey, a rejuvenating post-surgery cancer care retreat might be the recovery solution you require to reinstate your energy and resuscitate your mind.

Because it is important for patients to receive the support and care they need to regain their lives after fighting the disease, wellness plays a critical role in women’s health and men’s health. For recovering cancer patients, our 7 rejuvenating spa and wellness centers offer personalized wellness programs to help you live better with cancer and cope with life after cancer.

1.         Chiva Som in Thailand

Retreat to the south shore of Thailand, where prize-winning Chiva Som provides a curing spa retreat for malignancy recovery through its specialized Cell Vitality program. It focuses on cell regeneration, replacing wasted cells with fresh ones, strong cells will dramatically improve your well-ness, including attaining a strong immune system and greater energy levels.

Combine a bespoke nutrition plan with full therapies and curative spa treatments, such as acupuncture. Experience a top spa vacation destination focused on achieving overall wellness. This helps promote a stable and healthy immune system and is the foundation of recovery.

2.         Kurotel Post Cancer in Brazil

Located in a quiet mountain retreat in southern Brazil, revitalize your wellness and health at a medical spa offering medical treatment in a peaceful spa setting. With a team of medical consultants, with a 3:1 work team to visitor ratio, this curative spa retreat makes sure that every visitor seeking post-surgery cancer care achieves the finest possible outcomes.

Medicinal spa treatments, like a self-esteem psychological session and bone densitometry examinations, are provided to promote cancer recovery. The impressive mountain scenery, combined with meditation and yoga, helps a cancer survivor to relax their body, mind, and soul.

3.         SHA Anti-Stress in Spain

The peaceful setting of this recovering spa retreat located in Spain provides a peaceful setting and a team of wellbeing experts to lead you through recovery from cancer. Cancer depletes women’s health and men’s health both physically and mentally and can cause them large amounts of tension.

As you move toward cancer recovery, know how to heal during an anti-stress sanctuary that teaches you ways of managing stress, improving sleep quality, and leading a healthy life. Complete with a therapeutic consultation at the start and end of the stay, revitalize with yoga, mindful therapy sittings and customary Chinese medicine cures.

4.         Ananda rejuvenation in India

Rejuvenate your wellness while recovering from cancer at Ananda healing spa in the slopes of the Indian Himalayas. After having an opening wellness consultation, rebuild a comprehensive menu of all-inclusive spa treatments during Ayurveda spa vacations so you can feel healthy again. Your muscle mass could dramatically decrease when you undergo cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Therefore, the renewal of cells and muscles is crucial.

Combining healthy nutrition, custom-made yoga sessions, and Ayurvedic health resort treatments, the healing spa resort will assist you to feel healthier and stronger, both physically and mentally. This will also assist you to live better with cancer.

5.         Longevity Wellbeing Booster in Portugal

Enhance your post-cancer wellness at this healing spa on the sunny Portuguese coast of the Algarve. Medical sessions will guide you in the correct path for cancer recovery through recommendations for spa treatments that will assist you most.

Wellness experts combine relaxing thalassotherapy with treatments like microphysiotherapy and help you rebuild your body. This happens on a coast spa vacation that will give you a new lease on life and live better with cancer. Along with an osteopathy healing session and mindful therapy, you will quickly recover in your mind, body, and soul.

6.         Pennyhill Park in Surrey

The spa located at Pennyhill Park has been awarded the Best Luxury Spa at the 2015 “Good Spa Guide Awards” and it is a fantastic service. Their single-day recovery resorts are open to non-residents and guests and are for individuals with a severe medical condition who is recovering or undergoing chemotherapy or other intensive treatment. The retreats are personalized to individual requirements conversed in advance and comprise lunch and treatment.

7. Grayshott Health Spa in Surrey

Grayshott’s Nurture and Support Post-Cancer is a four days holistic treatment program developed by Elaine Williams, director of natural spa therapies. Visitors also have entrance to Grayshott’s crew of in-house specialists, including nutritionists, physical therapists, natural therapists, and fitness experts. The purpose of this gentle program, says Grayshott, is to make guests feel “fully appreciated” and all treatments are specially made to relax, soothe, nourish and nurture the body and face.

Finally, these spas are great for cancer recovering patients. If you are a cancer survivor and you are looking for a place to stay calm and fully recover, consider one of these spas.

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