Top 5 winter sports destinations in February

by Julia on February 17, 2020

In St. Moritz in 1864, a hotelier made a wager with tourists that if they were to return in winter, and the sun didn’t shine more than it did in the summer, he would cover their bill. They did return and the winter sports holiday was born. If you are planning a winter holiday then take a look at our top 5 winter sports destinations in February.

1. Lech, Austria

If you were to picture the typical Alpine town, it would probably look a lot like Lech. Popular with many visitors every year, including royalty, Lech is a great destination for a skiing trip for you. There are approximately 211 miles of piste, which means it’s never overcrowded.

2. Arosa, Switzerland

Situated near Obseree Lake, Arosa may not be as well known as St. Moritz, but is steadily increased in reputation and has continued to bring in a younger crowd. For those that visit the resort, they will find that is a comfortable all-rounder, featuring beginner courses, and long cruiser runs.

3. Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad has been running for some time now, for years it was a popular resort for celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. There are over 100 miles of pistes that are more suited for those who are intermediate skiers and is the perfect location for a ski trip.

4. Telluride, Colorado

In the San Juan Mountains of Colorado is this mining town that is now a top winter sports destination. Its history is steeped in the Old West and was once a magnet for hippies in the 60s. This is one of America’s most popular resorts. For skiing, it is a fantastic all-round destination with several options and plenty of terrain.

5. Alta/Snowbird, Utah

The twin mountains of Snowbird and Alta in Utah get over 500 inches of snow a year. The snow here is perfect for hitting the slopes and is great for skiers. A group taking the time to visit these twin peaks will have a fantastic time on this incredible resort. You can also enjoy heli-skiing and cat-skiing.

If you want to look at booking a holiday for those that face any challenges due to an ongoing health condition, take a look at this winter sports tool created by Staysure. It is a tool that matches resorts and winter sports in Europe to those that have a medical condition, ensuring that the resort can cater to someone’s requirements.

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