How to Make Your Family Fall in Love With Camping

by Julia on February 17, 2020

Taking your family into the great outdoors can be one of the greatest bonding experiences you can have. Whether you’re hiking through the woods, fishing, or cooking over a fire with camping cookware, you and your family will create memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s the deal: you might have to go the extra mile in order to make your family fall in love with camping, but the extra effort is definitely worth it in the long run! Start your kids off at a young age, plan activities, make some delicious meals, and make camping a memory that your kids will never forget. This could eventually become a semi-annual event for you and your family. Instead of going on expensive holidays throughout the year, you can take your family camping several times in the great outdoors, where they’re free to explore and live in nature with you. This is how to make your family fall in love with camping.

Start Close to Home

If you’re just getting your family started with camping, make sure you start them close to your home. That way, they’re not jumping into the deep end and can ease their way into the camping lifestyle. If you have to travel a few hours from your home, then make it exciting by bringing lots of things to do and comfortable gear for your tent, so your kids can have a nice sleep.

If you have young kids, then taking them camping from a young age will get them used to the process of camping so that they grow up loving it. If this hasn’t been your situation, then make sure you start them off slow, like at a campground near your home, and only for a night or two.

Cook Delicious Food

One of the best ways to bond with your loved ones is over a mouthwatering meal that you’ve cooked yourself. Whether it’s roasting hotdogs over an open fire, making grandma’s secret kebab recipe, or making campfire nachos with your campfire cookware, you and your family will have a fun time creating and munching on some delicious dishes. Your family will slowly become outdoor enthusiasts if you make them delicious food during camping!

Plan Fun Activities

You can plan some fun activities for your kids that will make them so exhausted that they’ll forget they’re sleeping on the ground! This doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor, bringing games like a soccer ball, tennis racquet, and frisbee are fun ways to get your kids active and enjoying the great outdoors. You can even bring a book about local birds or plants and go exploring to see how many you can find!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Camping is a freeing and fun experience that will create memories for a lifetime. Your kids will start to look forward to your camping trips, and might even have suggestions of their own the older they get! You can truly explore beautiful national parks, camp along lakes, gaze at the stars, and hike through the forest with only you and your loved ones.

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