Top Solo Travel Destinations for 2020

by Julia on January 15, 2020

One of the most powerful ways to explore new places is to take a solo trip, which is usually a good break away from the stress of life. Solo traveling comes with endless benefits which makes it interesting and fun to embark on.

Apart from that, travelers often look forward to many exciting things that are waiting to happen during the trip. Perhaps solo traveling is part of your new year resolution for 2020, here’s a list of the top destinations you should consider.

There are lots of options regardless of your traveling goals.

    1. Scotland

Scotland is a solo adventurer’s paradise at the best of times. However, in 2020, it’s even more awesome because the Scottish are celebrating a year of coasts and waters.

This occasion is marked by a series of wonderful events. For instance, an outdoor coastal experience hosted by the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Besides, the ‘River of Light’ show, where illuminated boats will gather in a dazzling nighttime pattern.

Scotland should top the list of your solo destinations in 2020. The scenery in this blessed country is just so good, you don’t wanna miss out! The country holds in store for you various places that will make you marvel.

    1. Japan

Here’s another mega travel destination that will always be a top tourist attraction. Think of the restaurants that offer delicious dishes and also high-quality foods. If you’re a foodie, this will appeal to you.

More so, the ways of the people of Japan are attractive because of their behavior and their unbelievable level of politeness. Japanese are very used to keeping things tidy. The country is widely known for its neatness.

You shouldn’t worry so much about your health, because it’s a very hygienic country to live in. You can cuddle cute baby foxes at Zao Fox village in northern Japan, eat at Tokyo’s robotic restaurant, and savor local ramen.

    1. Canada

Canada is a great place to add to your solo destination this new year. The country offers magnificent views of mountains and lots of fun places.

You can visit Stanley Park, have the Edge Walk experience on the CN tower in Toronto, try some mountain biking or see the Niagara falls. It’s also a very safe country to visit as you will enjoy spending time in nature.

The North American country is willing to take in as many citizens as they can. This makes it a very people-friendly country to include in your travel destinations this year 2020. Canada is also the world’s second-largest country by total area which is amazing.

In terms of languages, you will not have any problem communicating with the locals as their official languages are English and French.

    1. Spain

Spain should not be excluded from this list of destinations. The country is popular for its distinct and vibrant culture. You can spend hours embarking on a Spanish night walk which you will find captivating.

Their cuisines are also amazing and delicious if you get to taste them. Spain is famous in the world for its Flamenco music and dance, lovely beaches, and bullfights.

All these and others serve as side attractions which you would not want to miss for anything. Spain is an exotic country due to its lovely inhabitants, lifestyle, and interesting nightlife. Let’s not forget Spain’s capital, Madrid which is popularly known as the coastal city of Barcelona.

    1. New York

Who doesn’t know New York City in the USA? You should consider a solo trip to NYC and apply for boat loans early enough. You can do cool things like cruising, visiting the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, Statue of liberty, to mention a few.

There are a lot of things in store for solo travelers in New York already. You can also do plenty of free things like explore Central Park or walk the High Line. Let’s not forget its exquisite list of amazing hotels for your relaxation and leisure.

    1. Germany

Germany is unarguably a budget-friendly country for everyone. Get ready to bask in the beer garden with other tourists during summer. You can enjoy clubbing and techno parties all night if that’s what you want.

Some of the places you should explore include Hanover, Berchtesgaden National Park, and Lake Constance.

    1. Thailand

Thailand is a great option especially if you’re traveling solo for the first time. The white sands, snorkeling spots, and beach bars help paint a perfect picture of compelling beauty. There are tons of islands for beach lovers who love adventure.

Do your due diligence before traveling. This will go a long way to help you discover the islands that match your taste.

    1. France

France has a high taste in culture and fashion. The city has something to offer whether you’re an art lover, writer or just love struck. Head over to Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Louver Museum or Chateau de Versailles.

    1. Italy

One of the reasons why nearly all tourists visit Italy is to enjoy delicious cuisines. Italian dishes are recognized worldwide and nothing beats eating them on Italian soil. The stunning Roman architecture with fascinating history is another thing to anticipate.

Your best bet is to ask locals or hotel staff about the right places to enjoy local food. Remember to visit Naples to enjoy fresh pizza. Accommodation isn’t an issue in Italy because different platforms such as Airbnb will cater to your needs.

    1. Australia

Australia has remained a leading option for backpackers over the years. It’s the home to the top diving spots globally and the locals are often willing to help.

Although you will rarely have communication issues if you can speak the English language, endeavor to master some Australian slangs. The good thing is that you can donate to Australia’s bushfire crisis by visiting the country.

A solo trip can be scary with the security issues that are persistent in many tourist attractions. The ideal thing is to research your preferred destination and take security measures. For instance, dress simply and avoid expensive or flashy jewelry.

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