5 Unique Vacation Ideas for A Real Experience

by Julia on January 15, 2020

Vacations are all about enjoying unique experiences that we don’t get in our routine life. When we leave our house and work for a trip, we want something to reinvigorate our soul and give us the energy to spend at least one year of the same tiring routine before we can get on another trip. Unfortunately, the tourism industry has been commercialized way more than it should be. You will see tourist destination more focused on earning money than providing an experience. The only way to enjoy a vacation is to come up with new and unique trips instead of going to tourist attractions to waste your money. Here I’ve shared a few unique trip ideas to consider on your next vacation.

Fishing Trip

You might be wondering how come you have to wait for vacations to go on a fishing trip. I’m not talking about fishing in a lake. I mean going to deep sea on a yacht to catch barracudas, snappers, and sharks. It’s not as difficult and dangerous as it sounds when you have a professional by your side. Fish All-In offers several types of charters like wreck fishing, reef fishing, shark fishing, and tarpon fishing. The captain even offers a money back guarantee if you don’t catch a fish.

Wellness Trip

If you are looking for mental and physical peace from your trip, why not join a wellness program instead of going to an overcrowded overrated attraction. These trips also take you out to a different world where you follow a healthy routine for a few days or weeks. There are two types of wellness tours:

  • Meditation and Relaxation

  • Fitness and Exercise

As you can guess by their names, one focuses more on physical health and other on the mind. These trips aren’t like typical gyms where you lift weights and do yoga. They use unconventional and fun practices that not only refresh your soul but also make you healthy.

Festival Trip

While tourist points are mostly commercialized and overrated, cultural festivals aren’t something a traveler should miss. You will see more natives participating in these festivals than tourists. Festivals are celebrated like traditions, and that’s where you get to see the real culture of that town. From renowned Tomatina to little fairs in the subcontinent, there is no shortage of unique festivals around the world.

Off the Grid Trips

Vacations are about leaving your routine life behind you for some time. You’re defying its purpose if you keeping using mobile phones and laptop on your trip. Many locales offer you the opportunity for a digital detoxification. Such destinations are unique and underrated which makes them a perfect place to avoid crowds and connect with nature.

Volunteer Trip

It gives you peace of mind when you help others. Volunteer work can be more soothing than a trip to the Bahamas. But I say, why not do both. You can take a volunteer trip. Not only will you get to travel and explore new cultures, but you will also get the opportunity to live among new people and help them. You don’t need to have a lot of money to help others. Everyone has something to offer to the world. For example, if nothing else, you can teach English to underprivileged kids or join conservation projects.

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