Tips to Make Your First Vacation With Your Partner A Success

by Julia on January 10, 2020

In a study by Travelocity, 56% of couples agreed that travelling is critical for retaining the spark in a relationship, according to Business Insider. Travelling as a couple is a recipe for deep connections and an opportunity to visit new places and try out new things together. But it can be daunting, especially if it is your first time. Spending 24 hours or a couple of days alone with your partner brings a side of each other neither of you has witnessed before, and that may create anxieties. However, you can get complete peace of mind when on holiday with your partner for the first time if you plan.

Discuss the Reasons for Travelling Together

Before you can start planning your itinerary, explain to your partner why you want to go on a vacation with them. That way, both of you will know if you should invite one of your families, tag along with a friend, or arrange a romantic weekend getaway. Once you understand the reasons for travelling as a couple, you will be able to make travel arrangements accordingly.

Plan Your Itinerary

Being spontaneous can be fun, but it might cause misunderstandings between you and your partner during your vacation. Remember, the first trip together creates room to get to know each other, as well as try new and exciting activities together. Therefore, choose destinations both of you will be happy to explore, settle on activities you will enjoy, and decide how you will pay bills. Planning your travel itinerary will not only help you avoid arguments but also prevent both of you from missing out on the best experiences your vacation has to offer.

Have a Budget

Creating a budget in advance is critical if you want to stay together and in love after the trip. Discuss how much you will be spending on transport, food, accommodation, and miscellaneous. If you earn more than your partner, set a budget based on their salary. This move helps both of you settle for affordable options and saves you from arguing about money matters.

Though it is vital to try something new on your first vacation, avoid a camping trip unless both of you are comfortable sharing a limited space for 24 hours or days. Also, do not forget to purchase travel insurance if your trip will last more than six weeks. Make sure to discuss your expectations, but do not over-plan your itinerary, as it may add unwanted pressure.

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