How CBD Can Help You with Travel Anxiety

by Julia on January 10, 2020

Many people will look forward to traveling.Going to a new place gives you the chance to experience something different and out of the norm. Even if it is a work-related trip, the change of pace can be exciting. However, if you are the type with serious anxiety issues, you may regard traveling as a real fright. As the day inches closer to your trip, your heart seems to beat faster, and your stress increases. Anxiety attacks can be crazy and uncontrollable, and if you think you cannot handle it, you can use CBD to calm down.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a wonder substance than has been used in many products because of the many ailments it cures. It has been scientifically proven to be very good against anxiety. You will find that CBD is an excellent companion when you’re on that plane and having anxiety attacks. Getting some CBD into your system will allow you to have control.

The following are some of the travel-related anxieties you may experience and how CBD can help mitigate them:

Travel-Related Anxiety

1. Social anxiety

Travelling may require meeting new people, and people with social anxiety can get stressed at this prospect. Social situations during traveling may include going to places with strangers, interacting with them, and eating together. For people with social anxiety, this can be so stressful that they won’t be able to think or function normally at all.

2. Aerophobia

Aerophobia is a concern for many and stems from people’s exposure to airline disasters covered by the media. For some people, the prospect of a plane crashing can be so fearful that they will cancel their travel plans instead of enduring a flight.

3. Generalized anxiety disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) can take the fun out of any trip. When you have GAD, you tend to focus only on worse case scenarios instead of all the fun you will be having. These thoughts can be obsessive and rule your mind almost entirely. You fail to have fun and have good experiences. Some of the travel related worries sufferers of GAD may think about would be:

  • Running out funds during the trip

  • Getting diseases or getting lost in a foreign place

  • Being a stranger and not knowing anyone.

These thoughts can be obsessive and cause you to focus only on negative possibilities. At the very worst, they may even cause you to cancel your trip.

CBD and Travel Related Anxiety

1. CBD is effective against social anxiety

CBD is useful for people who are suffering from anxiety because it lifts away their worries and depressions. CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and promotes feelings of calm, well-being, and peace. There have been studies where people with social anxiety were able to deliver a speech to a crowd after getting CBD treatment. Getting your dosage of CBD can help you survive social situations that are related to traveling, and you will be able to create connections and even converse with your seatmate on the plane. The effects of CBD on the endocannabinoid system can cause you to have increased confidence.

2. CBD helps you sleep better

There are anxiety-related health problems that cause anxiety to be aggravated in some people. For example, lack of sleep causes people to be irritable and negative and focus on worst-case scenarios. Lack of sleep will also cause them to have low energy. Lack of sleep is a cause of anxiety, and CBD isolates helps people relax and get calmed down enough to have a peaceful sleep. The quality of sleep is also improved with CBD, and you will experience better well-being when you wake up. Traveling will be more fun with some CBD therapy.

3. CBD won’t make you high

One of the main benefits of CBD is you can use it, and you will still be able to do your normal activities. CBD doesn’t make you high. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system but works as an agonist, which means that it doesn’t have psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects. CBD products have gone through a refining process, which means that much of the THC content (the substance responsible for a high) have been eliminated. CBD has little THC, to begin with at only 0.3%. If you are traveling and have a little bit of travel-related anxiety, you can pop a CBD gummy edibles in your mouth and never have to fear that you will get high.

4. CBD makes you feel calmer

The common feature of anxiety disorders are feelings of panic. Traveling in itself can trigger feelings of panic because it can be very stressful. If you ever feel that you will panic because of unforeseen events in your trip, such as changes in travel plans or other accidents, you can use CBD to calm down. CBD will help you gain control so you can plan and know your options.

Final Thoughts

Traveling is exciting and fun for many, but if you have an anxiety disorder, you may not feel the same. CBD is a natural therapy for anxiety, and it will help you calm down. Enjoy a trip like the rest, and be excited about new sites and experiences to see. Enrich your life and travel. All you need is a little CBD to change your perspective and have fun.

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