How to Plan a Perfect Trip to Europe

by Julia on January 2, 2020

Getting out the door and travelling to Europe is a fantasy for myriads of people. Visiting the picturesque countryside of Southern France or the medieval architecture of Belgium play in our minds while we’re working monotonous jobs, or listening to our professors drawling lecture. Getting out of your plane and having two feet on your ground might sound like an attractive proposition for those with a wandering spirit, but having a plan before you go is probably for the best.

Plan Your Journey Ahead of Time!

Geography is going to play a major role in the direction of your trip. Even if you want to visit the Colosseum in Italy directly after camping on the Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland, chances are if you want to see the Eiffel Tower you won’t do it in that order. Come up with the list of countries you expect to visit, what you want to see, and then come up with the common sense geography of visiting those countries. It might be worth your money if airfare happens to be cheaper going another way than a direct route, but make sure you plan ahead.

If you don’t know where you’re going to go for your trip, talk to other people who have gone on their personal adventure to Europe. Use the internet as a tool to find out what works for you. Do you want to visit popular Cathedrals and Castles? Or are famous war monuments something you’re interested in? According to glamping isn’t just a thing that girls do, it is for everyone that loves to take it easy during their vacation. With lots of places to glamp away in Ireland and the UK you can hike, go climbing, or even surfing (I didn’t know this either). These are all ideas to keep in mind when deciding where your trip takes you.

Have that Pesky Paperwork in Order

If you don’t have a passport prior to planning your trip or it’s expired, you are going to need one. Waiting for a month or month and a half to get your passport can certainly increase the restlessness you have to go on your trip but you need it. Research services in your country to see if there are any services that can expedite this process for you. Expect to pay an increased fee with this service, but if your heart is set on dining in Paris as soon as possible, it will be well worth it. It would also be helpful to see if you need a visa to visit any of the countries you’re expecting to see. Some countries that are part of the European Union may require a Schengen visa depending on how you’re entering the country, so become familiar with where you’re going and how you’re getting there.

Money Makes the World Go Round

Money makes the world go round, or it can stop you from going around the world. Make sure you set a budget ahead of time detailing your expenditures. It will be heartbreaking if you create a detailed plan venturing around your country of choice and find that you won’t be able to spend outside of your budget. It takes a lot of research finding out the various expenses halfway around the world. One way to circumvent this is to look at hotels in the area and the rough cost associated with sleeping there. Once you take a hotel and flight expenses out of the equation you’ll be able to see how much money you have to play with in paradise. If Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom camping are in your itinerary and you don’t know where to start

Insured Against the Worst

This one is pretty good advice if you’re going anywhere far really. We all know the gag about the guy who refused the travel insurance and then immediately lost his luggage afterwards. Travel insurance is going to be your safeguard against a variety of ailments. Medical costs incurred in other countries can run you a pretty penny, and replacing all of your luggage mid-trip doesn’t sound like a fun time for anyone. Travel insurance companies also cover cancelled trips in certain circumstances. So if anything unfortunate happens, non-refundable fees are able to be returned to you without having to worry about investing all that money on a trip you can’t go to.

You may have been waiting a while to pull the trigger on that Europe trip, or you’re still finding out where you want to go but you should definitely do it! I’m just saying having a plan before you go ahead and leave the country might be a good idea. Don’t just have an idea of where you want to go, make sure you have an order of how you’ll be travelling those sites. Find out if there are any exceptional requirements, you’ll need prior to visiting countries, have your passport or visa ready. Have a budget set up and book your flight and hotel accommodations prior to travel. Insurance is always optional, until it isn’t, it’s better to be safe than sorry. With a few small steps to follow, you’re going to have that plan for Europe built and ready to go!

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