Experience One of The Most Unforgettable Family Holidays

by Julia on January 2, 2020

It’s the holiday season once again and everyone is busy attending dinners and parties. Most fancy hotels and restaurants are booked while shopping malls and theme parks are packed with people of all ages. In all this frenzy we tend to overlook that Family Holidays are supposed to be a relief from stress and a break from your daily chores, giving time for some rest and bond with your family. If you live in the city, wouldn’t it be best to enjoy the holidays far from the busy streets and crowded public spaces? Why not enjoy the outdoors and build memories with your loved ones experiencing the rawness and simple pleasures of the countryside?

However, it’s tricky organizing the perfect holiday getaway. It may turn out to be a challenge to pick a destination that will be enjoyed by all family members, parents and children, even your teens and younger children. To help you decide in choosing the best family destination, we have listed down the top  countryside destinations from our personal favorites:

Pembrokeshire, Wales

A Victorian town situated perfectly along UK’s coastline, Pembrokeshire is a great place for people who enjoy breathtaking views while taking a casual stroll. Relaxed and intimate, Pembroke offers a number of atmospheric and scenic destinations for your family. You can visit the national park, the coast, or the nature reserve. And when you’re seeking thrilling adventures for the kids, you can visit the Oakwood Theme Park, head out to the waters and watch the dolphins, or go Coasteering and enjoy leaping into the clear blue waters.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Home to one of the best scenic destinations in the UK, Isle of the Skye in Scotland offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for families who wants both dramatic views and thrilling activities. You can lead your family trekking to see the iconic Old Man of Storr or explore the magical Fairy Pools and towering jagged peaks of the Cuillin. Your family can enjoy intimate walks to climbing and kayaking. Whichever activity your family chooses, you will surely be in awe with the world around you.

The Laplands, Finland

If you don’t mind the cold, head out for an authentic northern experience in Finland. Perfect for those who live in the tropics, trips to Lapland can offer your family a true winter experience. It’s a great way to get cozy next to a fireplace inside a homey cabin surrounded by snow-dusted pine trees and wild reindeer. Your kids will surely be surprised meeting Father Christmas surrounded by festive holiday cheer. Especially if it’s your first time, there’s fun to be had snowmobiling or taking a reindeer sleigh ride.

Lake Constance, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Who doesn’t like a holiday by the lake? There’s no shortage of need for activities you can do lakeside for the entire family even more so, Lake Constance is surrounded by castles, medieval villages, and interesting islands. To make things more interesting, it borders Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It’s hard to best holiday spent here.

Remember, while it’s important to pick the right place for your holiday according to your family’s interests, it’s equally essential to consider security and the conditions in your destination. It’s hard enough to prepare for your own travel, what more to make arrangements for your entire family? Be sure to make thorough research before making your decision.

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