The ultimate travel accessories you need this winter

by Julia on November 27, 2019

If you are planning a winter trip, there are several essentials you should definitely pack to take with you. From camera accessories to packing cubes, let us guide you through them all.

Camera accessories

For those all-important selfies and jumping in front of landmark photos, don’t be caught out short – make sure you’ve packed all the right accessories.

Equip yourself with a high-quality camera bag to protect your camera as well as ensuring that you are covered for other items, too. This will include straps, memory cards, lenses for taking different types of shots and anything else you think you might need for capturing that perfect shot.

Fashionable carry-all

Pop all your day to day essentials in a chic oversized bag that you can carry around on your trip while exploring, but which will also double as your hand luggage.

Pick one that is large enough to get as much as you can cram in, while at the same time not being over plane regulations for hand luggage and also not too cumbersome for daily walks and tours in your destination.

Packing cubes

These are perfect for winter clothing, as they can compress all of your woolens, your fleeces, base layers and padded clothes.

So, you will have more space in your luggage, which will allow you to pack more of what you need – or, simply, have a more streamlined and easier to carry case. (It could also provide the perfect opportunity for bringing more duty-free home, too – bonus!)

Travel blanket

If you are traveling in winter, you don’t know when you might need an extra layer for added warmth. It could be while in transit on trains, airplanes or waiting for buses – or, it could even be at your accommodation.

Choose a fleece blanket that is both lightweight and cozy, that you can pull out easily and it will instantly make you feel comforted and at home, while on your travels.

Portable phone charger

There are so many stylish options around nowadays, from sleek designer rose gold to diamante covered, your phone charger doesn’t have to be dull.

Pick one that reflects your personal style and will fit into your purse easily, then you can pull it out whenever you’re face-timing or adding to your Instagram stories, out and about. It only needs a couple of hours charging to load it with enough battery life to keep your phone going for hours.


Whether you are being jostled around on public transport or trying to sleep with lots of new noises in your accommodation, earplugs will be a lifesaver.

It could be that you are simply trying to tune out the stresses of traveling while reading a book on the plane, or it might be that the noises from people walking down the corridor in your hotel or cars outside are distracting.

Either way, these nifty little accessories won’t take up hardly any room in your bag and yet, will give you a much more peaceful trip.

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