Top 5 Things To Do In San Diego, California

by Julia on November 26, 2019

San Diego is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America. Located in Southern California, the city is brimming with beautiful beaches, great weather all year long and endless outdoor attractions. You will definitely fall in love with this city of sunshine. San Diego always has a coastal temperature of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

San Diego is also the perfect place to chill with your dog! Exploring the sandy beaches of San Diego with your furry friend is an absolute joy! There are many pet friendly hotels in San Diego that make it easier for you to bring your dog. Some notable pet-friendly hotels in San Diego include Old Town Inn, Bahia Resort Hotel and The Sofia Hotel.

With the basics out of the way, let’s look at the five best things to do in San Diego

Coronado Island:

Coronado Island, located just off the coast of San Diego, has been repeatedly voted as one of the best beaches in the U.S. The beach has beautiful pristine sand, gentle surf and a delightful village. There are two ways to get to the island. Either take the Coronado Bay Bridge or take the Coronado Ferry. The island has the historic Hotel del Coronado, where the film Some Like it Hot was shot starring Marilyn Monroe. The hotel is an architectural marvel that was built in 1888. It’s a designated National Historic Landmark. There are rumors that this hotel inspired the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz. On the island, you’re likely to stumble upon a variety of beach weddings. Coronado is a pretty popular place to get married. The island is also home to a village that has elegant gardens, peculiar shopping, high-class dining options, and old-world mansions. You can find many bike rental places on the island. Touring the Islands beachfront boardwalk is an enjoyable experience.

Balboa Park:

Built over an area of 1200 acres, Balboa Park is a cultural and botanical park found in downtown San Diego. The park has an endless number of attractions. It’s a good idea to do some research in advance to map out attractions that pique your interest if you’re low on time. At Balboa Park, you will find art and natural history museums, botanical gardens, San Diego Zoo, and several theatres and restaurants. The site is one of the oldest places in the United States dedicated to recreational use by the public. The park has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark. It has a place in the National Register of Historic Places. If you want the full experience of the park, spend at least two to three days.

SeaWorld San Diego:

The San Diego Seaworld, located on Mission Bay, is the perfect place for a joyful family outing. You can explore spectacular sea life enclosures and aquariums that feature dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, otters, seals, both ocean and freshwater fish, and many more. Their Electric show is top-rated among guests. The entire park is illuminated akin to bio-luminescence that transforms the whole place into an underwater wonderland of sound and light. The park also has it’s signature rides. The top ones include Submarine Quest, Manta Coaster, Journey to Atlantis, and the brand new Tidal Twist. There’s also a separate Sesame Street themed children’s playground.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park:

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is often associated with the San Diego Zoo, located in Balboa Park. The safari park is situated a half hour’s drive north of downtown San Diego however. The park encompasses an area of 1800 acres of preserved land. It features around 2600 animals from 300 species. There are also 3500 spiecies of plants. The animals in the park roam around in large enclosures instead of small exhibits. As a result, you’ll be seeing animals in an environment that is very close to their natural habitat as possible. Animals indigenous to arid climates are exhibited here. African animals are the most popular here.

You can take a tram that encircles the free-range Africa enclosures to see animals like rhinos, buffaloes, cranes, and giraffes. There’s a lot to do in this place. You can check out a gorilla family, see cheetahs reaching top speeds, walkthrough lemur enclosures, visit a petting zoo to pet some cute animals, visit the tiger exhibit or hike in the botanical gardens. The entire preserve is massive. The park also offers special tours like the “Roar and Snore” where you can camp out in tents or take a jeep into the animal enclosures for up-close photos. The park features keeper talks throughout the day, which are educational demonstrations and animal shows. If you plan on visiting, make sure to arrive early and enjoy the first tram ride in the morning to avoid long lines

USS Midway Museum:

The museum is located on the harbor in San Diego. The aircraft carrier became a historical museum after it was retired, dedicating the rest of its life to preserving U.S. military history. You’ll find many engaging real-life stores in the museum. Compared to most other museums, The USS Midway Museum is very welcoming towards younger visitors. Children can and are encouraged to touch everything they find interesting, flip switches in the cockpits of jets and even chill on top of the captain’s chair on the bridge. The flight deck offers breathtaking views of downtown San Diego, Coronado Island, the San Diego Bay, Point Loma, and Seaport Village.

Give these places a visit when you visit San Diego!

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