7 Must-Have Mountain Biking Gear For Beginners

by Julia on November 18, 2019

We have been blessed with something that a lot of people often overlook, and that is nature. The fact that we live with so much beauty all around us is just fascinating, and it’s a shame most only consider the sea or parks when they think about the outdoors. There is in fact much beauty out there other than beaches and lush greenery, and you owe it to yourself to explore such raw scenery, like the mountains. Sure, you could go mountain climbing or hiking to explore them, but it is mountain biking that’s truly special. You get to cover more land than on foot, and you do it amid stunning landscapes.

But before you go on such an expedition, there is some gear you need to have on you.

  1. Mountain bike

You can’t very well go on a mountain biking trip without a proper bike, and this one needs some research and planning. When you first start shopping around, you will most definitely get overwhelmed by the number of choices out there. You have everything from cross-country to dedicated trail bikes, and the reviews found on MountainBikeReport.com and from professionals, in general, are quite important. Such reviews will provide you with a much-needed insight, so you can purchase the perfect bike. Moreover, you can narrow the search down and look under a specific category like full-suspension mountain bikes if you figured out just where exactly you plan on taking your ride.

There are also other considerations like the size of the tires and the kind of suspension system, as well as the kind of stability and traction the bike will give you. These are all important angles because you need a steady ride on such a rough terrain to avoid any unnecessary slips and falls.

Also, if you want to transform your standard bike into a motorized one, consider buying motorized bike kits.

  1. Helmet

It goes without saying that embarking on a mountain biking trip without a helmet is a bad idea, for beginners and professionals alike. It’s not cheap –– in fact, it might be the second most expensive after the bike. But it’s more important than you could possibly imagine, because it can save you from head injuries and concussions, or even death. You might be used to riding your bike in parks or streets without one, but this is mountain biking, and the odds of you trippin on a rock or something are significantly higher. So, never go without a helmet, and make sure it complies with safety standards and regulations, too!

  1. Protective glasses

These are also essential when it comes to your safety on the road. Mountain biking takes you to uncharted territories, and you need to make sure that your eyesight is well protected. The last thing you want is for a stone or a twig to fly and hit your eyes –– sometimes, sand particles can be pretty dangerous too if you’re in windy conditions. This is why it’s crucial that you get yourself a pair of protective glasses with clear lenses. They look cool and come in different colors, too!

  1. Lights

Guiding lights might seem like an absurd idea, but when you think about it a bit more, it does make sense. You probably have no intention of riding your bike in mountain trails when it’s nighttime, but that is not always up to you. A lot of things could go wrong out there, like your tires going flat or you lose your way. And being out there in the middle of nowhere at night with no lights is an accident waiting to happen and a recipe for disaster. You need to install a front light on your bike that is powerful and could keep you visible in case of emergencies. You’ll find plenty of different and powerful options on the market that will ensure visibility.

Pro tip: get a taillight as well to ensure that whoever is behind you can clearly see you when it’s dark.

  1. Clothing

The kind of clothes you use will be the difference between a smooth ride and quite an awful one. For starters, you need padded shorts to keep you comfortable on those long rides, and they are by far the most delicate and important item in all your mountain biking outfits. They give you the level of comfort you need for bike rides on rough terrain, and once you get used to them, you’ll never go bike riding without them. You naturally need a moisture-wicking shirt too, as well as weather appropriate pieces like waterproof jackets in case it rains.

  1. Riding gloves

While not exactly cheap, riding gloves are an integral part of your mountain biking gear, and they aren’t really optional. Understand that mountain biking means rough terrains and harsh trails, and you will most definitely get blisters and calluses without hand protection. It even gets worse if you fall down your bike without gloves, and you’d be risking some serious injuries if you landed on rocks and stones. So, always get yourself a decent pair of riding gloves with padding on the inside to protect your hands and reduce any fatigue you might feel from riding for long hours.

  1. Repair kit

The last essential you must have on you is a repair kit. You really don’t want to get stuck on a mountain trail with a flat tire and no repair kit to fix it. The kit should include a mini pump so you could fix the tire, levers, frame mounts, Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and any other tools you might need on the road. Having a flat tire isn’t the only problem you might face while mountain biking, and it’s best that you come prepared instead of having to walk back whatever distance you covered to get your bike fixed.

There are other things that you should have on you, like water bottles –– preferably in a comfortable setting like a water bottle cage to make it easier for you to move with them. You could also splurge on other accessories that are basically luxuries like clipless pedals or a dropper post to adjust seat height. These definitely aren’t essentials, but they’d make your ride much more entertaining and interesting. The most important thing is to have someone who has done this before with you, and you’d be in for the experience of a lifetime!

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