Winter Travel tips with Your Pet

by Julia on November 19, 2019

You have to take into consideration various factors while travelling with your pet in cold weather. Here we have listed below some important tips that will make your winter travel easy with your pet. Let’s see what are they:

You Pet’s Fitness

Before planning everything and before making any preparations you must look at your pet whether it is fit to travel outside in the cold. You should take your pet to a veterinarian to get assurance by a doctor that if it is perfectly safe for your pet to travel in cold weather or not. There can be various situations during which your pet cannot travel. For example, if your pet is pregnant, ill or it is too young or too old then it might be unlikely for your pet to have a comfortable trip. In such cases, you would need to leave your furry friend with a pet sitter.

Other factors

You should make sure that your pet is well-groomed, clean to travel outside and it should be well taught about the courtesy that it is supposed to follow with outsiders. If you have a 24*7 barking dog then it might be unpleasant for the ears and you should opt to leave your dog home then.

Trip Preparations

Having tested your pet about all the health-related concerns now comes the turn of the preparations that are mandatory while you are planning a trip with your pet. You should call and check whether the hotel allows pets along with the customers. It is best to learn about it in advance rather than finding a new hotel after reaching your destination. Even if the hotels allow your pets inside, they have certain restrictions with respect to the pet’s weight limit and whether you can leave your pet unattended or not.

Pet’s Documents 

If you have a pet dog or cat then do not forget to attach the important documents related to them on your pet’s neck. Mention all the important details on your dog’s or cat’s collar. In the case of microchip, the information must be updated and the microchip should be registered in your name. Carry a picture of your pet so that you can use it in case your pet gets separated. Mention an emergency contact which can be used in case you fell unconscious or are unavailable at the required situation. It can have a friend’s number. Research about some veterinarians near your destination so that you can take your pet to the hospital in case of any sort of emergency. You can check for the emergency veterinarians on your way to the destination of course. Carry a copy of your pet’s medical records in case your pet needs any medical treatment in the middle of the trip.

Keep Your Furry Friend Warm

Carry the clothes that will keep your pet protected from extreme coldness. Do not forget to put your cat’s or dog’s sweater in its travel bag. You have to be careful while purchasing your pet’s apparel. Some of the fabrics are likely to get caught in your pet’s carrier like on your dog’s seat or your cat’s carrier. It is important that your pet is able to move freely in its given zone. You should not ignore your pet’s comfort and safety at any such point. Choose the apparels that have the least risk of snagging. In cold cars, you can protect your pet with blankets. Nowadays there are several products available in the market that can prevent your pet from the extreme cold like bed warmers, pet beds that are self-warming in nature or heat pads.

If your pet is a cat or a dog then it is likely to catch frostbite if exposed to cold weather for a much longer time. It can also suffer from hypothermia. The frostbitten areas of your pets’ body will first turn red and then grey. You should give your pet a bath in warm water in order to treat it from frostbite. There are many other things that you cannot skip on. Carry your pet’s litter box. Take a membership while travelling to a long road trip. Last but not least, check the best dog food for skin allergies review because your pet’s happy stomach will keep your pet happy and active.

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