Some like it hot! Your guide to the warmest destinations

by Julia on November 11, 2019

What do you think of when you choose a holiday destination? The price is of course a major factor. But what about the location and how tourist friendly the country is? What about the cuisine? Or the colourful and vibrant history of the location? The hotels? How long it will take to get there? Is it safe for families or is it better suited to solo travellers?

 There are lots of things we consider when we book an adventure abroad, with the weather and temperature probably being one of the most important aspects of any break (as well as the price of course!). You can check out LED Hut’s infographic on possible destinations here. But as we enter the concluding part of the year, and we’re waking up to dark mornings and coming home to even darker evenings more and more of us are thinking of escaping to sunnier climes and enjoying a bit of heat.

But how much is too much heat? Have you ever considered holidaying in one of the hottest countries on earth? And if so, do you think you could handle it? We’ve got this helpful infographic below to give you the lowdown on the hottest climates on the planet!

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