Why is the Algarve in Portugal so Popular?

by Julia on November 11, 2019

The Algarve is commonly known as Portugal’s region of hidden treasures, mainly due to its golden beaches, limestone rocks, simple fresh fish restaurants, and a variety of top-quality villas and hotels.

Most of the people who have visited this region claim that the accommodation prices compare favorably to the rest of Portugal and that you won’t have to rob a bank in order to spend a week or two either self catering or staying in a hotel.

Despite increasing numbers of tourists, the Algarve seems to be unchanged. The region’s center is crowned by resorts, cliffs, and lush gardens, while the western part is all about surfing, the sea, and nature.

Let’s now see why the region of the Algarve is so popular for European tourists and not only.

Easy to Get There

People living in Europe can get in the Algarve in roughly three hours of flight time. On top of that, the daily flights to this region provided by several reputable airways mean that you don’t have to worry too much about getting there!

Low Prices

The Algarve is known as one of the cheapest European destinations. Also, if you didn’t know, the whole country of Portugal is famous for being tourist-friendly, both in terms of customs and prices. In addition, the country is also the perfect region to try golfing which you can do with specialist tour operators like Portugal focused 360 Golf Holidays https://www.360golfholidays.com/portugal/ who can package golf courses and hotels to suit any budget.

Sunny Times

Bringing you more facts about Portugal, we now tell you that this country is almost the sunniest in the world! In the middle of summer, tourists here usually enjoy temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius, 11 hours of daylight, and just a mere one day of rain per month.

However, October is not that bad either, with an average of 22 degrees Celsius and roughly seven hours of daylight.

Sandy, Perfect Beaches

It goes without saying that the Algarve features the most spectacular beaches in Europe. With just a Google search, you will come across the golden, endless Praia do Anção, located in the central Algarve. This beach comes with protected dunes, lots of sunbeds, and calm seas.

If you’re looking for different experiences, then you can add Praia de Albandeira to your list. This one features white sands with ochre rocks, but no umbrellas and no sunbeds. Naturally, this means fewer visitors as well, and a pristine beach that you can explore and discover freely!

Family Hotels and Villas

If you want a stress-free vacation for you and your family, then the Algarve should already be on your list – unless you already bought the plane tickets. There is plenty to choose from in respect of self catering Algarve accommodation offered by specialists like Affinity Villas and luxury hotels offered by the big holiday tour operators.

As mentioned above, you will definitely enjoy your time in the Algarve, especially if you are accompanied by friends – besides your main family.

The Bottom Line

What else could we say? This region is located in the sunniest country in the world and it is also known as one of the cheapest European holiday locations!

In this case, our advice would be to buy the plane tickets as soon as possible, find the villa or hotel that suits your tastes, and make sure to play at least one golf game while you are visiting the Algarve!

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