Best Safari – Kenya or Tanzania?

by Julia on November 5, 2019

If you have been thinking of traveling to East Africa, chances are you are not sure whether to go on a Kenyan Safari or a Tanzanian Safari. And with good reason. Both countries are beautiful in their own way, offering unique experiences for travelers.

Tanzania is larger compared to Kenya, but both countries boast an equal number of attractions. Tanzania has the beautiful Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro the Serengeti and Zanzibar. Kenya has the famous Amboseli, Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru.

Here we can go more into detail, to help you decide where you want to go.

Tanzania Safari

Because Tanzania is a large country, most African Safari companies offer packages in either the Northern circuit or the Southern Circuit. This is because getting from one region to the other can be fairly time consuming.

The Northern Tanzania safari circuit is most popular with tourists, because it takes you to Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire National Park and the Serengeti.

The Southern Tanzania circuit is for those looking for something off-beat. Those avoiding crowds will probably choose to go here. It includes Mikumi National Park,  Ruaha, Selous and the Udzungwa mountains. This kind of African safari offers lots of wildlife, savannah, bush and scenery.

Kenya Safari

The Kenyan Safari also offers plenty to tourists. Experience the wondrous wildebeest migration of the Masai Mara, climbing Mount Kenya, visiting Amboseli National Park (You can see Mount Kilimanjaro from here), seeing the Big Five in Tsavo, enjoying the gorgeous beaches of Mombasa and visiting Lake Nakuru.


Both countries will offer you the ultimate Wildlife and Game drive experiences. Expect to see the From Zebra, rhino, antelope, giraffe, elephant, leopard, lions, buffalo and cheetah. Best part is, you can see the great migration from either country, from the Masai Mara to the Serengeti.


When it comes to getting to and around the country, it all depends on your budget and time allowance.

Because Kenya is perhaps a more popular Safari Destination compared to Tanzania, there are more international flights coming into Nairobi. This means better deals. When you arrive in Nairobi, it is best to take a day to relax and explore the buzzing city before you take off for Safari. In Kenya you will have more options when it comes to lodges, flights and transport. It is also fairly cheaper than Tanzania in terms of Safari packages.

In Tanzania, it is advisable to land at Kilimanjaro International Airport if you are doing the Northern Circuit. The number of flights coming in here are not as many as any other international airport, but if you book early you can get a good deal. If you decide to take a beach holiday in Zanzibar later, there are a few domestic flights available for you as well.

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