5 Tricks To Repel Mosquitoes While Camping

by Julia on September 25, 2019

Keeping Yourself Safe And Itch Free

Mosquitoes can kill you. They carry diseases. Three of the direst conditions mosquitoes carry, and which are well-known to modernity, including Malaria, Zika Virus, and Wet Nile Virus. Anyone can catch these who have been bitten in by a mosquito in almost any part of the world—through some places are more likely to be dangerous than others.

Still, you don’t have to put yourself—or your family—at risk. Following we’ll discuss five repellent methods that can help you stay disease-free, and fully enjoy the great outdoors. You don’t have to deal with either the annoyance of itch or the potential for infection, if you just do a little preparation beforehand.

1. Citronella Tiki Lamps
Citronella tiki lamps do several things mosquitoes hate: one, they produce certain effluvia the bugs find repugnant. Two, they produce smoke—something else the little pests hate. Additionally, they produce light, which makes them useful to you when camping. Four, they also produce warmth. You might just bring a few tiki lamps that burn citronella oil with you when you camp for the evening, and their repellant properties.

2. Mint, Vinegar, And Other Natural Topical Solutions
Most insects aren’t too fond of mint. Imagine if you had a substance in a liquid form greater than your body mass, and giving off the strong pungency of peppermint. Would you want to swim in pure peppermint juice? You wouldn’t be able to breathe!

Rubbing mint or vinegar on you produces an odor that mosquitoes can’t stand long enough to stick you with their vile proboscis. These aren’t the only substances known to repel bugs, here’s a list of several if you’re not too fond of mint or vinegar yourself!

3. Basic Bug Spray
There is no end of bug sprays out there. Some are natural, or “organic”, and don’t include chemicals, some do. Chemical bug sprays may have negative health side effects, so it’s probably better to go with “organic” solutions. Still, some of these works less effectively than advertising. Regardless, some form of mosquito repellant is better than none.

4. Perhaps Smoking’s Only Collateral Benefit, And Wake Patterns
Smoking gives you cancer and kills you soon, but mosquitoes do not like the smell, so you can defer some bites that way. But at what cost? It’s like killing a fly with an atom bomb—but this will work. Something else more considerable is waking patterns and mosquito nets.

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn because the wind is low. Keep yourself safe with long sleeves etcetera then, and you’ll be relatively bite-free for the rest of the day. Mosquito netting can be put across open-air segments of your tent for when you’re sleeping. Be aware of weather patterns and mosquito activity, and you’ll likely be able to side-step many bites.

5. Avoid Standing Water
When mosquitoes breed, they deposit their eggs in standing water. Those eggs then become larvae in the fullness of time and will swim around developing until they mature enough to leave the water and suck your blood. They look much like tadpoles, but no bright-eyed happy frog hops out when development culminates.

Perhaps this is why frogs eat mosquitoes—they find them poor roommates in the tadpole “housing” of early life. Regardless, standing water is going to have mosquitoes in it for the most part. Don’t camp near standing water. Running water is fine, standing water is filled with pests. Ponds and lakes are going to have mosquitoes, so plan your campsite strategically.

If you can find an area where there’s regularly a little wind blowing away from you and toward the water, that will help a lot. Know where the mosquitoes are most likely to be, and avoiding them will be a lot easier.

Protect Yourself, Keep Contemporary On Protection Strategies
As mankind develops technologically, more means of studying varying creatures come. The fact that mosquitoes leave their progeny in standing water is something that was forgotten by mankind for a long time before being rediscovered in modernity.

The preferences of mosquitoes are additionally something that wasn’t always known. New discoveries are always being made. If you’re about to go camping and need some inspiration on repelling the six-legged proboscis-bearing winged pests we know as mosquitoes, here you can find more ideas. Keeping yourself bite-free is about more than simply avoiding having to itch yourself. Additionally, you’re avoiding potentially life-threatening diseases.

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