Doing a city break and driving yourself – here are our Best Car Batteries for City Driving

by Julia on September 25, 2019

Self drive holidays are very popular as they mean you have the freedom to stop and wander as you wish rather than sticking to a rigid itinerary. You can combine driving with visiting cities but we recommend you do some pre-trip planning such as looking at maps of the city layout and parking spots.

Did you know some batteries are better suited for city driving than others? Whether you are visiting on holiday or you live in the city or commute to the city for work, you’re probably looking for ways to maximize the life of your battery so you don’t need to worry about battery installation and replacement very often. Fortunately, some batteries provide exceptional reliability and durability and are highly suited for city driving. Here are a few of your top options.


Duralast batteries have a great reputation for long lifespans. They are constructed from high-quality materials are designed to resist vibration damage. Every Duralast battery is backed by an exceptional warranty that lasts up to five years. There are three different categories of Duralast battery:

  • Duralast

  • Duralast Gold

  • Duralast Platinum

The standard Duralast battery is sufficient for most vehicles. It is affordable and offers a two-year warranty. It’s important to choose the right size for your vehicle when selecting a Duralast battery.

Duralast Gold batteries are a step up from entry-level. They are built to meet or exceed the original specifications for your vehicle. They also deliver the maximum ratio of plates and grids so you get the most start-up power. Gold batteries offer an exceptional five-year warranty. They are also constructed with impact-resistant polypropylene to reduce vibration damage.

Duralast Platium batteries give you the highest combination of flexibility, power and durability. They are specifically constructed for vehicles that require greater power. This category of battery recharges faster and cycles more than a standard battery. It’s also leak-proof and practically maintenance-free. It offers twice the cycle life of a conventional battery.


When you’re driving to work in the city and your vehicle stops, you may not know what’s wrong with it. That’s why you should know how to tell if your car battery is dead. If there is a slight whining sound when you try to start your car, or if the engine starts when jump-started but won’t start again after you turn the engine off, your battery is likely to blame.

If you’re considering new battery installation, you should think about getting an Odyssey battery. This type of battery is highly reliable and perfect for city driving. Each battery offers a service life up to 10 years and is virtually maintenance-free. Odyssey batteries are also constructed with an increased number of plates and offer more start-up power as a result. Odyssey batteries come with a warranty up to four years, depending on the type you purchase.


Are you looking for a battery you can rely on, but that won’t drain your bank account? Econocraft batteries are specifically intended for drivers who want the most economical battery option available. Each battery is under $100, but is still dependable for city driving. The warranty period is just three months, but that doesn’t negate the fact that this ultra-affordable battery is still reliable. Each battery has to pass 250 quality control checks before being approved for sale.

City driving can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t trust your battery to function well. If you’re getting ready to replace your current battery with a new one, consider one of these reliable options.

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