9 Advantages of Booking a Tour When Traveling to Egypt

by Julia on September 2, 2019

If you’re a budget traveler, you’re no stranger to DIY travel. You want to cut costs, so you decide to skip the expense of booking a tour, even one that comes highly recommended. But that may not be the best way to approach your travels. After all, you stand to miss more when you try to do it by yourself.

This is especially true when you travel to Egypt. There are thousands of amazing sites to see and experiences you don’t want to miss—but it’s easy to overlook some things when you try to do it yourself. Booking a tour with a highly rated tour agency in Egypt has many advantages. Here are some of the most prominent:

1. Detailed Itineraries

How many vacations have you taken in which you had no clear path for everything you wanted to see? And then you don’t get to see everything on your list because you didn’t plan your itinerary with all the details needed to see everything on your trip. Your tour guide will take care of that for you!

2. Less Stress

Because you’re handing the planning over to someone else, your stress levels before and after your vacation will decrease dramatically. The peace of mind and careful planning is well worth the cost.

3. Transportation Coverage

Transportation within Egypt’s larger cities is dicey, to say the least. Rental cars are expensive, and although taxis are affordable, they’re not always safe. A hired tour will cover all your transportation needs at an affordable rate with a safe driver at the wheel.

4. Better Value

Many people look at the price tag of a guided tour and dismiss it due to the cost. On the surface, a guided tour may appear to be pricey when compared with traveling on your own. However, it’s a far better value to book a tour and all that it offers rather than trying to do everything yourself.

Not only will you be able to pack more amazing sites into your day, but you’ll also get insider information and details that you couldn’t get on a DIY tour. You won’t regret paying a little more for the experiences you get to have.

5. Meet New People

Don’t discount the social aspect of booking a tour. You’ll get to travel with a variety of people from different locations and all walks of life. Despite your differences, you’ll find you have a lot in common with these travelers, and you may make some lifelong friends. At the very least, it’ll be more fun traveling with others.

6. Learn More

Tour guides will give detailed information about the sites you’re visiting—much more than you could read on a plaque. It’s perfect for history buffs who want a few more details about what they’re seeing. Information is priceless because you’ll never lose it!

7. Safety

Egyptian law enforcement strives to keep touristy spots safe for all its visitors; however, there is still risk of pick-pocketing, booking a tour with a scammer, or other dangers. A well-respected tour group provides an extra level of safety because not only are you traveling with a large group, but you’ll have natives that know the area and local risks.

8. Unique Experiences

To make themselves more marketable, most tour groups will advertise unique experiences that you can only get when on this tour. It’s much better than visiting the same locations as you would without a tour guide.

For example, you might get to see an additional room in the Egyptian Museum or get front-row seats at the Pyramids of Giza sound and light show.

9. Travel in Luxury

If you’re into luxury travel, a guided tour is the best option. You can customize your experience, visiting the best locations, traveling in style, and staying in top-class hotels. Enjoy a customized luxury travel experience without the hassle of planning it yourself!

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