5 Luxury Travel Opportunities That Everybody Should Experience

by Julia on September 2, 2019

At one point or another, we’ve all dreamed of visiting exotic destinations and experiencing some luxury travel. Achieving this dream, and being able to participate in a luxury holiday experience may require us to save our money and sacrifice our time, but it’s most definitely worth it. Every destination you could imagine has a wealth of culture, natural beauty, and amazing, unforgettable experiences to offer – some experiences are pricey, others are scary and may even carry an element of danger, but they’re experiences that should be had nevertheless.

Here’s a list of 5 travel experiences that we should all seek to try:

Diving With Great White Sharks In South Africa

Africa is a beautiful continent and huge, each country has an incredible history of culture and its unique offerings and experiences that attract tourists each year. Visiting South Africa to dive with great white sharks is an experience that all adrenaline junkies must partake in – the sharks are known as one of the greatest predators on our planet and the experience is both nerve-wracking and awe-inspiring.

The three main destinations in South Africa that offer this experience are Mossel Bay, Gansbaai, and Simon’s Town; the tour guides use blood as a means of attracting the sharks. Different tour operators have different prices for this experience – the cost can range from anything from $100 to $2000 – so you must do some research and compare prices before booking. Certain factors such as the number of participants, the duration of the experience and the location will all contribute to the final price of the event. The best time for the dive would be early morning as conditions are more favorable – safety is paramount during this experience, so the guides will be thoroughly knowledgeable and well trained to ensure the safety of all participants for the duration.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

The tallest mountain on our planet, Mt Everest reaches heights of 29,029ft (or 8,848m) and is one of the greatest natural monuments we have ever known. Some tourists opt to climb the mountain and spend months – sometimes years – training until they’re physically capable of completing the climb, which then takes around 40 days to complete.

For people who are unable to commit this amount of time to the experience, or are physically incapable of reaching the summit by foot, there is always the option of an Everest base camp helicopter tour. The flight offers the most beautiful views of the mountain from various angles and perspectives – it begins in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, and then travels towards the eastern side of the mountain range – prices for the experience usually range from $1100 to $1350. Although this does seem pricey, it is a once in a lifetime experience that people should enjoy.

Aurora Station

Once a ludicrous idea, but now a definite reality – tourists can take a vacation into space. The Aurora station has begun offering commercial flights to tourists who want to experience the feeling of space travel- flights reach as far out as 350km from Earth. The station has the capacity for six travelers and two additional crewmembers, and the experience lasts for 12 days – the experience provides a very immersive and interesting education on space travel and the role of an astronaut. Tourists on the station have access to Wi-Fi and can keep in contact with people back on Earth – they also have the opportunity to take part in fascinating space research, such as nurturing and growing plants within a zero-gravity environment. Upon landing, the tourists are greeted with a hero’s welcome – this experience costs a total of $9.3 million.

DogSledding in Norway

This experience is one for the dog-lovers in the world. The bond between man and dog has captivated people for thousands of years, and in Norway, tourists get to see, first-hand, the true working partnership between the two species. Dogsledding is one of the most popular tourist experiences in Norway, and the snowy slopes of such places as Tromso and Alta attract people every year. The Jotunheimen National Park is very well known for its dogsledding activities, and spending some quality time with dogs in the peaceful, snowy landscapes of Norway only adds to the whole experience.

Hot Air Balloon Safari in Tanzania

The largest movement of wildlife on this earth is the Great Wildbeast Migration – it truly is one of the most magnificent spectacles that there is to see. The wildebeest begins its migration from Kenya, and travels through Tanzania, into the Serengeti National Park, where it joins a host of other beautiful creatures such as zebras, crocodiles, and lions. The hot-air balloon across Tanzania gives a tourist the perfect aerial view of the spectacle – it is breathtaking. The best time to partake in this experience would be May and June as this is when the Wildebeest migrate; the cost is usually quite a lot for this experience as stringent health and safety measures must be carried out, and tourists must be of a healthy, physical condition and above the age of seven.


These examples are just five of the numerous experiences and opportunities there are in the world. The planet as we know it is so rich in history, culture, nature, and beauty – it would benefit us all if we could partake in more unforgettable experiences and remind ourselves of our relationship with the Earth.

Thorough research should always be conducted before booking in for any luxury travel experiences – safety is always paramount, and you must be confident that your safety is ensured before taking part in anything.

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