Look Good, Feel Good- The Best Clothing for Travel

by Julia on July 30, 2019


There’s a fine line between being comfortable on an airplane and looking like you just got out of bed. Admit it, we’ve all been there before. Maybe it was that time when a layover lasted a bit too long. Or, maybe your departure was just too early. Then again, who’s going to notice you wearing slippers, anyway?

It’s true ⁠— travel can be tiresome, but that doesn’t mean you have to look the (restless) part. Ready for a new adventure? Then start packing your bags. Here are a few options to keep you comfortable and stylish, no matter where in the world your travels take you.

Buy Wrinkle-Free Clothing

Don’t tote your steamer around the world or depend on your hotel room having an iron in the closet. Wrinkles are inevitable during travel. Think about all those times you crammed your clothes into a small carry-on bag or loaded them in a hurry in your luggage.

Of course, all clothing is bound to get wrinkled at one point or another. But by purchasing any type of wrinkle-free clothes, you can prevent your shirts and pants from ever getting unkempt, no matter where your trip takes you. For example, wrinkle-free dress shirts not only pack well but are also ideal when your travel itinerary calls for stylish duds upon arrival.

Pack Comfortable and Versatile Duds

Weather is unpredictable. You can board a plane in a city where it’s 60 degrees and rainy and touch down in a town where it’s 90 degrees with no clouds in the sky. Instead of playing the guessing game, make sure to pack an all-weather hiking jacket.

Designed to be water-repellant and featuring technology that can keep you comfortable no matter the conditions, Columbia’s lineup of hiking jackets are a truly must-have travel accessory. Plus, upon arrival, you can put your jacket to the test. Where will your next outdoor adventure take you?

Avoid Wearing Denim

If you’re gearing up for a long train ride or plan to be in the friendly skies for hours, make it a point to not wear denim. As much as you may love your skinny jeans, leave them at home or pack them away in your luggage. Wearing tight, constricting clothing for extended periods of time can pose some potential health risks.

Instead of wearing your favorite pair of skinny jeans, pull on a pair of stylish, high-rise travel pants. Yes, travel pants. Designed by Anatomie, the Skyler Travel Pant is just as cozy as leggings but is tailored for a look that’s less loungy and more luxe.

Pack the Right Footwear

Unless you’re planning to parade past the paparazzi, skip wearing the heels altogether. And while you are at it, leave your flip flops in your luggage, too. The right travel shoe should not only be comfortable and easy to take on and off ⁠— it should also be stylish, too.

Choose a shoe that can help you navigate a busy airport terminal as well as crowded city streets. For example, Allbirds’ merino wool sneakers combine slipper-like comfort and the look of a stylish sneaker. Plus, these kicks are designed with an “S-curve” to help distribute your weight more naturally, which makes them oh-so supportive.

Your Next Adventure Awaits

Let’s be real ⁠— the last thing you should be worried about on any short or extended getaway is your clothing. So, leave the wrinkles behind with wrinkle-free shirts, prepare for whatever the weather has planned with an all-weather hiking jacket, opt for stylish travel pants instead of your favorite skinny jeans, and pull on a pair of supportive sneakers. Your next adventure awaits.

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