TV series stimulates the growth of demand for Chernobyl trips

by Julia on July 30, 2019

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Despite the number of visitors to the Chernobyl zone that has begun to grow rapidly several years ago, no one expected such a real boom these days. All these because of the mini-series called “Chernobyl” that the HBO channel released in May. It reveals the events of 1986, and it is quite shocking. This TV series has attracted the attention of the whole community to this tragedy, to the history of real people, whose lives were ruined forever.

Spectacular moments of the series make you think about the truth, terrifying consequences that the accident could have for humanity and how authorities treat people in such madness. Before the “Chernobyl”, many could not even think that the world was on the brink of a global catastrophe. And only thanks to brave and dedicated people, the world did not collapse and did not transform into a deep nuclear hole.

Everyone who has seen this sad story experienced a whole range of emotions from feelings of pity to injustice. And many even started to think about Chernobyl trips. Many travel companies offer official tours that include famous locations shown in the TV series. What to expect from such agencies and what do they usually offer:

  • selection of the different types of trips: a day trip, an overnight stay at a local hotel, or an individual tour;

  • the most famous locations and attractions as well as safe routes, for example, the ghost town Pripyat, neighboring villages, secret Soviet objects;

  • services of English-speaking guides who possess unique information;

  • communication with people who have returned after the evacuation and with the staff of nuclear power plant, who still work there;

  • an opportunity to take photos of incredible historical locations.

This mini-series has awakened the minds of many people, even of those who had not been interested in the events of 1986 previously. And lots of them decided to visit the exclusion zone as Chernobyl is an incredibly unique tourist destination. If you have not yet managed to watch the series, then perhaps it’s the right time to do it.

What to do if you want to go on a Chernobyl trip?

If you have the desire to take a unique chance and visit this unusual place, first you need to choose the right agency, because Chernobyl tourism is not an ordinary trip. It requires a lot of documents, permits, and safety measures. For example, Go2Chernobyl offers its clients everything needed for a comfortable tour. With more than seven years of experience, experts know how to provide 100% guarantees of safety and quality. The guides that work in the agency are enthusiastic and experienced professionals. Tourists have a lot of questions after watching the TV series. And they are ready to answer each of them.

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But be careful. Although there is the new safe confinement, which should make the zone even cleaner and safer, during Chernobyl trips everyone needs to follow a lot of rules: how to dress, what to take and how to behave during an excursion. Therefore, to those who want to see cities and locations from the series with their own eyes, experts of Go2Chernobyl remind that health and life above all.

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