Reasons to Spend Your Vacation on a Bike

by Julia on July 22, 2019

During summertime, people are busy planning for the year’s vacation and the setting up things to do on the trip. It comes as no surprise that exercising is a great way for calming the body, mind and soul, while you enjoy the beautiful and picturesque landscapes, racing along beautiful coastal roads.

Giving your mind the break, it deserves

People tend not to leave their worries and problems by simply lying down on a beach and doing nothing. Biking through newer and unknown routes on the other hand, requires minimal attention from your brain, which helps you to get your mind off things. If you race through beautiful landscapes and cities, you will easily be distracted from the problems back at work. Acceleration in the creative thinking process for some individuals has also been linked to aerobic exercises like cycling.

Treating your body

The most obvious reason for riding a bike is the numerous health benefits that it offers. It offers your body a great way to exercise without pushing it too hard. This is because cycling is less stressful on your bones and muscles as compared to other exercises. The aerobic rhythm involved in biking gives you full control over how fast or slow you want to go, while offering a proper workout for your heart, lungs and blood vessels.

Get a Good night’s sleep

A research conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine found that circadian rhythm can be synced back if one exercises for 20 to 30 minutes a day, as a result, you tend to fall asleep faster and for a longer period of time

It treats your skin

People tend to love getting tanned and flock to the beaches to achieve that. However, it is natural for your skin to ask for a break after a few days of tanning. Even though you are still exposed to UV radiation while riding a bike, proper sun blockers, a hat and the windy breeze blowing in your face should make the experience rather refreshing.

Enjoying a Family Activity

Vacation time usually involves us spending some quality time with our loved ones. Biking can be an activity that even kids can easily take part in, with special rent out cargo bikes or kid’s trailers make it easier for even the smallest of children.

Losing Calories

An average bike rider can burn around 650 calories in one hour of biking. The number of calories burnt will thus increase if you take part in an off road trip on a mountain bike.

Cheap Alternative

Some vacation activities are arguably more expensive than enjoyable. Biking on the other hand, is cheaper, with many rental points offering high quality hybrid bikes at reasonable prices. Going through some hybrid bike reviews will help you select an appropriate one.

Treating Yourself

It is a well-known fact that the cocktail at night tastes 100 times better after a busy day of cycling. So try it for yourself when you are on vacation.

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