5 travel hacks for students to cut down on travelling expenses

by Julia on July 22, 2019

We all know that traveling is indeed an enjoyable experience but sadly, it might also get a little pricey at times. As students, you do not have thousands of dollars to shell out for a trip or a vacation. So, to still be able to make the most of your trip without burning a hole in your pocket, you need to work out some ways that help you save some money when traveling. According to Kanan Kapoor, offering assignment help Australia service with TFTH, the important thing for traveling in a budget is to know at all times what you are doing. If that’s the case, you can be assured of saving enough money at every step. This means, right from the minute you plan your travel to your return back from the travel, there are enough and more ways for you to cut down on your traveling expenses.

So, whether you are traveling by car, plane, bus, train, or even any other transportation mode, you can save enough money. From saving money by looking out for the cheaper places to stay to saving money on things like sightseeing and food, everything is possible with proper planning. So, here, let’s take a look at 5 travel hacks for students that will definitely help them cut down on the traveling expenses.


This is the most important and the crucial aspect to saving cost while traveling. Rubin Shah, a mentor offering assignment writing services in Sydney, says just by picking the correct time of your travel, you can cut down your travel cost by half. Naturally, if you plan your travel during the busy season which is mainly around the holidays, everything is costly, from food to the stay and of course the tickets.

For instance, planning a trip to Europe during the winters is a good idea because during that time the number of tourists is less and as a result, you can get your accommodation at a discounted rate. Plan a travel to Caribbean during the summer, since that is way cheaper then. However, please know that summer time in Caribbean is considered to be as the hurricane season so take a close attention to the risk and be alert while making your bookings.

Thus, traveling during the off season not only means cheaper tickets but it also means, that you will experience less crowd at the tourist locations, so you can enjoy the destinations with peace. There will be no long lines and no premium pays for traveling.


Today, there are apps for every purpose and of course this does include traveling too. But how will these apps help you cut down on the cost? As per the professional offering java homework help at a reputed online portal, when you have the right phone app, you will never have to hire a travel guide or invest in a map. With one free smartphone app, all your directions are sorted. These apps are a great way to help you save money at every step right from booking of the right hotel and flight, to finding cheap or free things to do, finding a pocket friendly cab ride, searching for the best affordable restaurants, and a lot more. Further, you can also find apps that will help you keep in touch with your friends and family while you are traveling internationally. Since with these apps, instead of paying a massive amount on a phone call, you can call your parents with Whatsapp or Skype for free by making use of a free Wi-Fi. Do ensure that you are making use of a VPN to connect yourself while traveling. Also, don’t forget your charger and do ensure that your phone has enough space for all these apps.


A lot of best essay writers online have time and again pointed out that in every destination there are always a number of things to do that come free. There are several cities which offer you a free local walking tour but to know about this, you need to do your research well ahead of time. Exploring the nature never costs you any money and that also includes spending a good day at a beach. If you are carrying yourself a lunch and water, a day at beach will cost you nothing. So, search the internet and dig out all the popular tourist attractions as well as the different historical landmarks which don’t cost you anything to view or explore. You can also include tours which can be availed at a nominal cost if you can spare out fee bucks for it. In case there is any particular attraction where you want to go or a theme park that you cannot miss, allocate most of your budget towards it, and then for the rest, you can look up for some free things to do and places to see.


Now, this is one hack not many of you might not know but is incredibly useful. So, instead of going directly to the websites of the airlines, the more cheaper way to find a flight is by using the search engines. Today there are a number of travel websites form where you can find a flight but there are also useful search engines which you can use for finding the cheapest flights such as Google Flights, Adioso, Skyscanner, etc. So, now, you can either opt for booking the tickets via these search engines or you can directly click through the website of the airline to find a flight. You’ll notice that the prices on the actual airline site are always different. Thus, you need to be very careful of the prices before booking. Moreover, when you use a new portal, you also tend to get a new user discount or upgrade. Now, if there are two airlines which are both offering a similar (low) price, then you can opt for the one that has fewer connections and a faster arrival time. You can also go with your preferred airline to add your airline points.


There are some airlines which always release the sale fares on the same days of the week. For instance, Airlines like Virgin Australia have a promotion deal called the Thursday Happy Hour and these deals are known only to the customers who have signed up for their email alerts. Similarly, Jetstar airlines has a Friday Frenzy that offers great deals on Fridays. So, if you have the time to wait a while when making the booking (which is strongly recommended), you can definitely use the websites which track the fares. There are sites like Airfare Watchdog and CheapAir.com that track the fares and let you know when the prices for a flight drop. Though, it isn’t right to wait too long, but do give some time for sales to come when booking. Booking early will definitely bring you some savings and using these fare tracking websites is just the perfect way out for saving some bucks. You can even search out for the fare patterns of the airline to know the days when the fares are cheapest.

So, above are the 5 of the most handy and perfect ways for the students to cut down on their traveling costs.

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