5 Ways To Prepare For A Long-Haul Flight

by Julia on June 26, 2019

So you’re planning for a vacation of a lifetime somewhere exotic, but also somewhere very far. The downside of traveling somewhere unique is that most flight durations can range between 12 – 18 hours depending on your destination. As much as this might be discouraging, there are a few tips and tricks to prevent you from canceling your trip altogether. These following tips will help you survive long-haul flights.

Wear comfortable clothes

If you’re not jumping off the plane into a business meeting, then there’s no need to prioritize fashion over comfort. When you’re on a long flight, you should wear loose-fitting clothes that are super comfortable and breathable. Think stretchy pants and hoodies so you can move freely. Consider comfortable slip-on shoes because they will save you time at airport security. Your feet can also swell up at high altitudes, so carry fuzzy socks with you and put your shoes under your seat. Be sure to have extra layers with you like a jacket, cardigan, or a scarf to warm you up if you get cold from the blasting air conditioner.

Don’t take bulky carry-ons

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than lugging around a heavy suitcase during boarding or trying to stuff it into the overhead bins. You need to be able to choose a suitable backpack that will allow you to move freely, won’t be a burden to carry on your shoulders, and one that will fit with ease in the overhead bin. Carry-on backpacks have enough space to carry all your personal items, but be sure you pack a travel-sized items. Some backpacks also have a variety of beneficial features like high-tech add-ons so you can charge your devices and built-in rollers for easier movement. When packing, be sure to pack smart and take things you will only use on the plane; don’t carry unnecessary items, save that for your main luggage.

Bring your own sleeping gear

It would be wise that you sleep during most of your flight’s duration. In order to do that, carry your own gear with you to help you sleep better. Be sure to have a neck pillow to avoid unnecessary neck and back pain when you fall asleep, as well as an eye mask for a better sleeping atmosphere. What if your flight has loud kids or noisy people? Bring noise-canceling headphones to shush all the noise for a quieter atmosphere. Carry your own travel blanket as well for maximum comfort and warmth. If you have trouble sleeping, consider taking a sleeping aid to help pass the time and offer you a better napping experience.

Bring endless entertainment

During a flight, you would need to escape for a bit with entertaining things to do to pass the time. Many flights already have programmed entertainment like free movies or music, but it’s better if you come prepared with your own. Bring an iPad or tablet that is filled with your own movies, music, podcasts, and e-books. Carry a book with you as well for some light reading and we guarantee that you’ll probably finish it by the time the flight ends. If you’re traveling with someone, bring some travel-sized board games like Scrabble, or some cards to have a little fun during your flight.

Choose your airline wisely

Needless to say, this is one of the most important things that can make or break your long-haul flight. Not all airlines are equal in food, entertainment, and comfort. Research different airlines, read reviews, and check in-flight services before buying your ticket. Choose airlines that have a seat-width more than 17 inches and a lot of legroom so you won’t feel boxed in during your very long flight. Check what kind of meals an airline provides as well, so you won’t get a bag of peanuts only. To be safe, you can also pack your own snacks for that in-between meals hunger attack.

A good vacation requires endless planning and preparation and a long-haul flight is no different. Don’t be put off by the many hours you will spend on the plane because there’s always a way to pass the time. If you plan it right, your flight will go by in a breeze!

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