Ways to Enjoy Summer in Hawaii

by Julia on June 27, 2019

Many people with dreams of summertime vacations pick Hawaii as their first choice, and for good reason.

If you’re a first-time visitor, know that the days can pass you by more quickly than you’d realize. So make the most out of this tropical vacation by keeping these steps in mind.

Get out of your element 

From local food to excursions, there is a never-ending list of things to do in Maui. It’s true that the average traveler or Hawaii lover can be seen spending all their time at the beach with the sunset and waves, and then ending the night off with a luau. And you should make the most of those, but that’s not all there is to do.

There is plenty to do that includes learning about the actual history of little hidden towns around the islands. You can visit scenic landmarks such as Lanai or Iao Valley State Park by hopping onto a helicopter instead of the usual hiking trails to get a better view of everything. It’s a great way to see the islands from a new perspective, and you may have a new favorite island by the end of it.

Skip the lines and travel by boat

With so many must-see islands to explore (i.e. Maui and Kauai), you are bound to get tired quicker than you can say the word “hike”. Gone are the days where you have to book a tour, because you can find new ways to get around.

Investing in a boat gives you the freedom to not only be an owner, but to sail the day away, go fishing or cruise new islands at your leisure. There are always new boats for sale at a budget and style that fits your needs for island hopping adventures.

The best things are free

Vacations can get pretty pricey, especially during the summer months in Hawaii when there is high tourist traffic. Even if you visit ever so often, there are many free things to do such as watching fireworks in Oahu on a Friday night, or seeing wildlife such as green sea turtles from a distance. And once again, sunsets at the beach are always a wonderful option.

Go to grocery stores, not restaurants

Naturally, you’re planning to eat at lots of restaurants during your vacation. Even drinking fresh, cold water sounds easy to do by just buying bottled water. The downside is that eating out all of the time can get expensive quickly.

Luckily, there are Oahu farmer’s markets filled with fresh fruits, locally grown produce, and even ready-to-eat cooked meals at a reasonable price. And they open at different times of the day depending on what type of meal you are looking for. By filling up your grocery list, you will be sure to get a bargain that you wouldn’t find at a fancy restaurant.

Give a helping hand

Hawaii is known for family gatherings and its close-knit culture that cares for the people of the island. Even if you’re just a visitor, there are many charity events all year round and programs that need your help, such as animals in need.

Summer is a great time to sign up for the Hawaiian Humane Society, since they require volunteers to work a three-hour shift weekly for a minimum of three months. Consider choosing to volunteer, donate, or join a group for animal welfare.

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