How to make sure you find a great IT suitcase to travel with

by Julia on June 17, 2019

How do you like to travel? Train, bus, plane, car? Most of us will use all of these methods to get from A to B at some point, and each time the one consistent thing is that we will have luggage to deal with.

This is a really important aspect of any journey as your luggage has to hold the clothes, toiletries, and shoes you are taking on the trip, along with all the other things that we need when away from home; so making sure you buy the most appropriate luggage is absolutely essential.

For complete peace of mind any journey should start with top class luggage from a well established and highly rated company such as IT, but it’s not as simple as just randomly choosing one from the shelves. Instead, you need to take a look at the different brands, models, sizes and designs on offer so you can choose a great version to travel with.

Take a look at a review of IT luggage suitcases,while in the meantime we will run through some of the main types of suitcase they offer, here.

Which factors influence the type of IT suitcase you should buy?

Basically, this choice all comes down to:

·         Purpose

·         Size

·         Weight

·         Cost

·         Design


For short haul flights on budget airlines where charges are made for luggage many people now prefer to take just a carry-on bag. IT sells several, many extremely lightweight, but always check the measurements carefully to compare them against the airlines size guides. These day things are getting stricter on this front, and people do miss flights because of oversized hand luggage, often because there is no common rule or guide to acceptable sizes and weights for cabin luggage.

Regular long distance or international travelers should look at hard shell IT suitcases, as they combine style, capacity and durability with affordable prices.


Most types of IT suitcases come in various sizes so you can choose whichever is best, capacity wise, for your needs. Some models also have an expanding section in the center to cope with the souvenirs and must-haves you come across on the trip.


Lightweight IT luggage is a great help when you are traveling with lots of items and need to shave as much weight from the actual luggage itself as possible.


IT suitcases are all extremely reasonably priced, especially for a high-end brand with good standing in the field. With different models and designs being priced accordingly there’s something for all budgets.


If you like a suitcase that stands out on the belt you’ll love the candy colors some of the IT range comes in, as well as the amazing skull design case.

IT suitcases include a selection of wheeled cases too, so whether you prefer to pull or wheel along your baggage you can find a model to suit.

Finally, there are both soft and hard cases, some designs with reinforced corners, and many with pull-out handles to make getting around ridiculously easy.

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