Best Ways to Save Money on your Vacation to LA

by Julia on June 13, 2019

From the classic “tours of the continent” in America and British novels to the modern-day notion of picture-perfect vacation decadence, the idea that travel is a costly affair for many people is an age-old misconception.

Traveling to beautiful and luxurious places like Los Angeles may feel expensive, but these simple tips will help you get the most from your visit without breaking the bank:

Avoid summer visits

LA is a beautiful city – it is one of the luxury destinations that millions of vacationers are looking to strike from their bucket lists. So, if you are planning to visit the city on a budget, it may be a good idea to avoid summer visit because there will be many other visitors to the town. By the law of supply and demand, the prices tend to go up when the demand is high. With many tourists visiting the city during summer, hotel prices tend to shoot. Another trick that actually works is to travel during the week as opposed to the weekend – often, the hotel rates are a bit lower.

Find affordable transport

LA is known for its never-ending traffic, and driving around is often a painful process. Transport costs can also add up quickly, which is not suitable for your budget. Luckily, there is an affordable way to get around town – cheap shuttle to LAX. They are usually very affordable and efficient to use. Plus, being driven around town is pure luxury.  These shuttles pick passengers from LAX and take them to any destination, including Long Beach, Hollywood, Van Nuys, Union Station and Orange Line, and the best part is, they are easier and cheaper than many other luxury transport options.

Live like the locals

One of the best ways to save money when traveling to LA is by getting into the culture. Many tourists to LA don’t know that the city has dozens of scenes that are inexpensive or even free to explore. Some theatre houses run high end shows at discounted rates and are worth exploring. There are also museums like the J. Paul Getty Museum and Wende Museum that offer free admission. Others like the International Printing Museum and the Grammy Museum are very inexpensive. You can also choose to stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame or Venice Beach, which are both free attractions.

Enjoy the tastiest yet inexpensive food

You may not know this, but LA’s restaurants that offer delicious meals are the most affordable. Downtown LA has plenty of such restaurants serving popular native, Mexican, and Thai dishes. You can also go to the Montebello area that’s outside the city or Sawtelle Boulevard for some Chinese and Japanese treats. Another great idea is to check online guides to restaurants arranged by cuisine, price, among other choices.

Find your private beach in Malibu

LA locals tend to prefer Malibu beaches, though Santa Monica Pier is worth the shot. Unlike beaches in Malibu, those in Santa Monica are less crowded. Besides, many beaches in Malibu are marked as “private.”

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