6 Ways to Boost Airline Miles

by Julia on May 1, 2019

Earning airline miles is easier than it sounds. All it takes is little research to get started. Several ways are available out there to follow and earn that extra free ticket!

You are probably familiar with several ways to earn airline miles. However, you might be missing some details. Even frequent flyers are unaware of the benefits of many reward or loyalty options offered in the “flying world”. This article will discuss six ways to boost airline miles using your credit card, including getting a sign-up bonus, shopping portals, frequent-flyer programs, considering other airline partners, and finally keeping an eye on special airline promotions.

1-     Getting a Sign-Up Bonus

In order to receive a sign-up bonus you must get a rewards credit card first. If you already hold one, you might want to get another one which can help you boost your miles. As a matter of fact, sign up bonuses are worth thousands of points. However, how big the bonus is depends on the card you get, so choose wisely!

You will have to spend a particular amount of money within a certain period of time to receive the bonus. The amount varies depending on the credit card you hold, however, the amount usually ranges between $1,000 and $6,000. Thus, if you are looking to get those miles fast, search for the card which requires a minimum spend or an amount that you can reach within the first month. Some rewards credit cards might not even require a minimum spend.

2-     Bonus Mall or Shopping Portals

Bonus mall is an online shopping portal which offers exclusive promotions. Therefore, if you are someone looking for discounts or rewards when shopping online, bonus mall is no doubt the right choice for you.

Before purchasing, make sure to visit the bonus mall that your credit card offers, explore the retailers, and finally pay online and steal those extra points. Additionally, many airlines offer shopping portals on their websites for frequent flyers and through which you can earn an extra bonus on your purchases.

3-     Frequent-Flyer Programs

As a frequent flyer you can join “frequent-flyer” programs for free, therefore, signing up to several ones does not cause any harm. However, you might not earn enough points to actually get something in return if you concentrate on several airlines.

Therefore, it is better to have 200,000 points with one specific airline company than 10,000 each with 20. Remember that points can expire in case your account is inactive for a specific period of time (usually 18 months), thus, you will need to carefully monitor the accounts you open.

4-     Considering other Airline Partners

Several airlines out there actually belong to networks of foreign or domestic carriers (i.e. SkyTeam, Star Alliance, Oneworld, etc.). Such airlines or organizations give you the opportunity to combine earned and redeemed miles. You can find the partners of your preferred airline on this last’s website.

5-     Keeping an Eye on Special Airline Promotions

Most of the airlines run special promotions through which you can earn extra airline miles. Such offers are available on frequent flyer programs’ pages.

Make sure to keep an eye on these special promotions to earn bonus miles when booking a hotel room, renting a car, flying, or even booking a cruise, and many more.

As an advice, you might want to book your hotel or rent a car prior to your trip in order to earn those extra miles for your flight.

6-     Buying Airline Miles

Buying airline miles is never a good idea. As a matter of fact, carriers charge a lot for airline miles, and sometimes offer bonus miles when purchasing a specific number of miles. Always make sure that you are not paying too much considering that one mile equals an average of 2.75 cents.

On the other hand, keep in mind that you cannot simply monetize your points/miles due to the fact that most programs do not provide such option. And you allow only to share your miles with a family member without making any profit.

Nevertheless you can partner up with services like MilesBuyer and sell airline miles by yourself in most easier way.


Multiple ways and loyalty programs are available out there for you to profit from. However, make sure to always choose wisely, and the ones that compliment your preferences. Flying has never been boring, and many frequent flyers have created their own unique and creative opportunities to earn those extra rewards, and so can you!

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