How to Write a Great Essay on Traveling

by Julia on April 25, 2019

Travel writing is like an adventure. You go out, explore, record and write. However, it can get difficult doing a story about places you’ve never visited or even a culture about which you know nothing. It means, without taking that one breathtaking leap to a destination and spending a few days, weeks or months interacting with the locals, your travel journal may end up with more fiction than facts.

In this post, learn the bits and bytes of travel writing. It won’t be a difficult ordeal for experienced essay writers, but if you are just beginning to draft your first story about a trip to Africa, Asia or Brazil, this post if for you. The following tips will therefore move you from a travel writing novice to an expert:

  • Write in first person

Most of the times, travel stories are everything to do personal experiences, and so, letting people into your world is the first major responsibility. Now, to do this, it is imperative that you craft an essay in first person. Include questions you asked while traveling and quotes you heard from a local person in some distant parts of the world. Most importantly, every twists and turn should be interesting to grab attention of readers.

  • Use Images

Images have never outlived their significance in essay composition. In writing a travel story, they should help reinforce your stories. This way, readers will move from imagination to having a close shave with reality.

  • Capitalize on a powerful introduction

You can bet on the fact that no one will bother reading further, a travel essay with boring introduction. It means; you must make the most of your most exciting experiences at this point. It is important to grab attention of readers using powerful and interesting words at the start.

  • Show instead of telling

In crafting great travel essays, it is important to take readers on a journey they will never forget.  Therefore, show the nattiest and grittiest of a place instead of simply telling a story. Talk about rugged terrains, unique skyscrapers, leech infested rivers and paint a color of every place in the mind of your readers.

  • Capitalize on research

While setting foot in a new place will in itself give you a new experience with the locals and life that thrives there, it is advisable that you start by doing research about a place. It is the only surest approach to asking the most important questions and learning more about a people’s culture, history, governance structures and socio-economic life.

  • Make use of transitional words

Transitional words are the thread that links pieces of a story together. In crafting a travel essay, it is, therefore, imperative that you make the most of words that indicate the begging, middle, climax and end of a story. Your story will not only be interesting but also coherent and cohesive.

The bottom Line

Travel essays should be interesting and most importantly, memorable. With this explored in this post together with the help of Paper Written, it is that time you started creating wonderful stories out of less traveled places.

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