How To Make Travelling On Business A More Comfortable Experience in Los Angeles

by Julia on April 23, 2019

Taxi – airport – plane – taxi – hotel room…

Does that look familiar? It sounds glamorous to be travelling for business. But very rarely is it as enjoyable or comfortable as you might believe. Watching movies and TV shows give a somewhat different impression, and it’s easy to be seduced. But, being more realistic, unless you are staying in an apartment it’s never going to be as comfortable or as relaxing as it could be. Corporate apartments in Los Angeles are the best option whether you’re there for the long haul or a short stint.

Here are some other ways to make your LA stay the best it can be

Book Up

There is plenty of small business in LA. So spend some time reaching out to others, not just for networking purposes (although it wouldn’t hurt), but so you have people there for the next times that you visit.

There are a couple of coworking spaces that are perfect when you want to get some work done, but fancy being around people for a while too.

Check these out:

LAX Coworking in Westchester. They have been championing smalls business for over 60 years, so a great space to work in. It’s a relaxed space with plenty of planes outside the window if you’re into that sort of thing.

BizHaus in El Segundo. Stunning environment to work in, so one to get your creative juices flowing really quickly. Worth checking out on Thursdays so you can enjoy Thirsty Thursdays where local craft breweries and wineries have plenty for you to sample.

Village Workspaces in Santa Monica. It feels more like a 5-star boutique hotel. They have happy hour, plenty of refreshments, tech support and valet parking.

It’s close to the beach too – bonus!

There are of course other options to check out.

Getting Around

If your meetings are spread all over the city, you’re going to have to watch your logistics. Traffic is always heavy, so there is not a point trying to work around rush hours. If you are hopping short distances, then Lyft and Uber are going to be your best buddies.

But realistically, you’d be better off putting together a fantastic playlist and renting a car. It will be significantly cheaper if you have more than a few days there. There is plenty of parking, but you’re going to have to keep an eye on the meters.

Taking Clients Out

Part of the fun of business travel is to go out and try new restaurants and talk business over good food. But if you don’t know the area, you might make a mistake. And although the stress food is excellent, talking while carrying a taco isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.

Great places to book are:

Rossoblu. It’s in the downtown Fashion District, and so it is a little out of the heart of the city. But it is beyond worth it. The charcuterie boards are a thing of beauty, and everything on the menu is divine. So if you’re looking to impress consider this your secret Italian weapon.

71Above is situated on the 71st floor of the US Bank Building, so it has a super corporate vibe, but that might be what you are going for here. The food is easy, tasty and perfect if you need to concentrate on your conversation rather than complex flavours.

Cassia is located in Santa Monica and is stunning inside. It’s not too pricey, so if you are paying yourself, you’re not going to cry when the bill comes. It’s cool, clean and serves up a delicious array of Vietnamese food.

Any of those are great places to take potential investors, clients and more.

Wind Down

If you are in LA then hopefully you have more than just a day or two booked there. If so, take some time to check out some of what LA has to offer. Hit up The Strand House of drinks, Griffith Observatory to take in the lights at night, and maybe even a sunset.

Skip the glitz and glamour and stroll down Venice Beach, it’s edgier that some of the more slick areas, but still something you should take the time to see.

You could also pop to a couple of galleries to soak up some art, here are a few suggestions:

Honor Fraser Gallery – Located in Culver City and exhibits art by Brooklyn based artist KAWS, as well as lots of local art.

M+B North Almont Drive – West Hollywood based and works with emerging artists in the area – great for getting a feel of the culture here.

Various Small Fires – This quirky gallery has a sound corridor, using sound as art. A roofless outdoor gallery, and a vast exhibition space too. They work with local and international artists.

Being comfortable while travelling isn’t just about the bed you sleep in (although that is a big part of it), it is about knowing the area and all it offered, and LA provides a lot.

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