The ‘Must Do’ List While in Nerja

by Julia on March 28, 2019


The quest for sunny skies and warmer temperatures leads many holiday makers to the beautiful town of Nerja. Just 50 kilometers east of Malaga Airport, this lovely retreat is an obvious choice to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy all the delights that the south coast of Spain has to offer. It’s easy to get from Malaga to Nerja by taxi, public transport, or hired car, your perfect vacation is just around the corner.

You will find many things to occupy your sun-drenched days and cool relaxing evenings, but here are a few of the things that you must do during your stay in Nerja.

Nerja Caves

Located a 10-minute drive outside of Nerja’s center is one of Spain’s most interesting attractions. The caverns stretch nearly 5 kilometers and notably feature the world’s largest stalagmite. General visits include an audio guide however, guided tours are also available for booking. Tickets are available for purchase in advance online, or in person at the kiosk. When you’ve had your fill of the darkness of the caverns, step out into the warmth of the sun and take in the beautiful botanical gardens that are located adjacent to the caves. A picnic area with a playground for children can be enjoyed by the whole family. Don’t forget to stop by the café for a table overlooking the Mediterranean to enjoy a coffee or perhaps a glass of Rioja. The walkway from the caves will bring you directly into the quaint village of Maro to further your exploration.

Calle Pintada

You will find yourself roaming on many quaint tiled streets in this authentic town, and many filled with interesting local artisans. This well-known street, however, is unlike many others. Leading straight to the famous Balcon de Europa, this is a hot spot for visitors and locals alike. Local designers feature a variety of styles available for purchase as well as beautiful hand made leather goods in an assortment of colours. Should you find yourself unprepared for the warmth of the sun, Nerja’s shops offer practical items for purchase, from sandals to hats, and everything in between. A lovely wine shop is conveniently located on this street as well, so be sure to stop in and purchase one of Spain’s finest locally made wines. This busy street definitely deserves a stroll during your journeys through Nerja.

Nerja Market

The region of Axarquia enjoys an open air traveling market which is set up in each of the major towns on a set day of the week. Tuesdays bring the market to Nerja, near the urbanization known as Almijara II, on Mirto street. The market is generally from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The market hosts local farmers, craftsman, and even jewelers, so be sure to come and find some unique goods. Entrance to the market is free, and there is a public car park nearby. Spanish markets have the tendency to be noisy, with vendors vying for your attention. Don’t be afraid to try a little haggling, markets are a wonderful place to score a great deal and experience the freshest of flavours. With a fusion of Moroccan and Spanish charm found at this outdoor Spanish market, you won’t want to miss out on what’s on offer.

Playa del Canuelo

The Costa Del Sol is inarguably filled with picturesque beaches, and Nerja boasts several. Beaches can be busy, as vacationers worldwide come to enjoy Europe’s best climate. Every beach has its own special features, but Playa del Canuelo is high on the list of beaches that should be part of your visit. Located just outside of Nerja, this protected area is teeming with aquatic wildlife. We recommend you bring your snorkeling gear with you to get the maximum benefit from this cove. The turquoise waters in this are sure to take your breath away, and a picnic at sunset here is hard to beat. There is a shuttle bus to take you directly to the beach, as parking in this area is strictly prohibited, but a parking lot is available at the top of the cliff.

Nerja will leave you spoiled for choice with its variety of activities and sights to experience. These are just a few of the things however, that will give your holiday a unique flavour and leave a lasting impression. This coastal gem will have you returning year after year to enjoy its warm breezes, sunny skies, and delicious local foods.

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