Places to Stay When Traveling That Go Beyond Renting a Hotel Room

by Julia on March 27, 2019

When you’re planning a trip, renting a hotel is likely to come to mind. Staying in a hotel is convenient, but that doesn’t mean hotel rooms come cheap. The costs of a hotel room can add up even more quickly if you’re planning an extended vacation that will last weeks or months. Not to mention, it can be difficult to experience the local culture if you’re staying in a hotel.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options when looking for a place to stay while you’re traveling. Here are just a few.

Home and Apartment Rentals

Renting a home or an apartment can be a great option for travelers. It is an especially good choice for those who are traveling in big groups. Not only can you save on the cost of multiple hotel rooms, with a kitchen, you can also save on food costs.

Home rental sites are a popular way to rent a home or an apartment, but you may even be able to rent a space directly from a property manager. For example, you can rent a villa in Dubai at a variety of price points. Just make sure you look for a furnished villa, or speak to the property manager about renting furniture during your stay.


If you like to visit the same place every year, you may want to consider purchasing a timeshare. It’s a great way to get a home away from home, without the worry of maintenance and upkeep.

Other benefits of owning a timeshare include:

  • You can trade times and locations with other timeshare owners

  • You can rent out your block of time if you aren’t going to use it

  • It provides you with a guaranteed vacation time and place to stay

However, buying a timeshare can be a huge commitment, and it can be extremely expensive. Not to mention, it’s not a good idea if you don’t want to travel to the same spot year after year.

Instead, consider renting a timeshare from someone who owns one. They are usually roomier than a traditional hotel room, they have full kitchens, and they can be more affordable if you plan on staying for at least a week.


A homestay is a popular choice for students who are studying abroad, but you don’t have to be in school to take advantage of this kind of accommodation.

Many families around the world are willing to host people and families who are traveling in the area. Unlike home and apartment rentals, the idea of a homestay is that you’ll get to know your host family.

Because you get a built-in tour guide, this option is great for people who want to immerse themselves in the local culture. Your host family will likely cook you traditional meals, and they can provide you with suggestions for local attractions to check out.

This option is often an affordable one too. If you’re willing to work or volunteer, you can stay at a discounted rate, or for free!


If cost is your greatest concern, consider staying in a hostel. You won’t get your own room like the other options on this list, but because you’re sharing your space with other travelers, you’ll save big on accommodations.

It’s a great way to make new friends, and it’s a great option for those who are traveling in large groups. However, because there’s a lack of privacy, it’s not a good option for couples looking for a romantic vacation, or families with young children. Because it’s a popular option for young people, it’s also not the best vacation option for those who don’t want to hang out with 20-somethings.


Looking to do a bit more traveling during your vacation? If you don’t want to stay in one spot for the duration of your stay, consider renting an RV.

There are many different kinds of RVs, providing you with the ability to rent one that fits your family and your budget.

You can travel between different destinations. Large cities usually have at least one RV park in the area, and it’s an especially good option for those who want to get closer to nature while on vacation.

There’s nothing wrong with renting a hotel room, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s your only option. There are tons of wonderful places to stay that will help you save money, make new friends, and craft that kind of travel experience you’ve dreamed of.

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