Why Easter is the perfect time for a health-boosting retreat in Portugal

by Julia on March 19, 2019

Trying to start a health kick can lead to mixed emotions. You may be chasing a healthier, better you for physical and mental reasons, or it may even be for aesthetic reasons. However, you might be then suddenly be hit with the “life is too short, I’ll start again tomorrow” mindset.

Easter is the perfect time to snap out of that mindset. Consider a health-boosting retreat. Not only will this help to improve your fitness; you will also find that you have a new, much improved, healthy relationship with food. With summer around the corner, you can have yourself looking and feeling better than ever, making for the perfect holiday snaps as well as the best memories.

Lift mood

The food we eat has more of an impact on our brain than we may realise. No single food acts as a proven antidepressant. A share-sized bar of chocolate and a packet of crisps may give us instant gratification, but maintaining stable blood sugar via regular nutrition will help us to feel better most days.

 Vitamin- and mineral-rich food, such as fruits, legumes, fresh fish, nuts and vegetables have been linked with a lower risk of depression. Additionally, a healthy and proper diet helps to improve our overall general wellbeing. This is often through increased energy, an improved sleep pattern and more stable moods.

 Eliminate guilt

Of course, a healthy diet is important, but so is a balanced diet. It’s important to realise that treats are perfectly acceptable in moderation. With supermarket shelves brimming with chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies, use this opportunity to let go of guilt around food and it will make for a much better mindset. Feel confident that your body can handle the occasional Easter treat, and you deserve to enjoy it.

Stop using exercise as a punishment

With the last point in mind, also take Easter as an opportunity to stop using exercise as a punishment for what you’ve eaten, but instead more of a celebration of what your body is capable of.

It’s important to be mindful of what you eat, but don’t punish yourself with a run, hating every second, just because you indulged in an Easter egg. If you do wish to counterbalance the extra calorie intake, do it in a way that you enjoy.

 With summer approaching, the blue skies and gentle breeze of spring make the perfect opportunity for a gentle stroll. Depending on size, an Easter egg can take an hour or so of walking to burn off.

If you do wish to escape from the temptation of those delicious Easter bunnies, hot cross buns and lamb roasts, consider a Portugal health retreat. Portugal, Spain and other countries in the Mediterranean offer pleasantly warm temperatures during Easter time, making it easier for you to find an enchanting destination for a late spring health retreat.

With summer around the corner, now is the ideal time to boost your health in time for those long-awaited holidays as well as other plans you may have. A healthy lifestyle can lead to a healthy mind and a much-improved way of living.

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