What Equipment do you need for Snowboarding?

by Julia on March 18, 2019

Snowboarding is impressive, right? Why else would you want to head to the mountains? Well, some people would say surreal sceneries, the snow, and the cool temperatures. But if you love snowboarding or you would want to try it, you don’t need a different reason to climb the mountains.

But before you join your friends for an adrenaline rush and lots of fun, make sure you pack everything you need. Snowboarding is exciting and frustrating at the same time. You will fall, jump, speed and hit bushes. This equipment prepares you for everything you need.

A good Snowboard

Most people confuse snowboards from skiing boards. The two are not the same. Both sports are done by sliding down the mountains nonetheless. While skiing involves two boards and poles, snowboards involve a single board and the right pair of shoes.

The front part of a snowboard is called a nose while the flat side is the tail. The bottom side is called a base and must be waxed regularly to reduce frictions as you snowboard. Like all sporting equipment, the quality of the board matters a lot.

Most snowboards are made of wood for good durability. They are then laminated with fiberglass on top and plastic on the base. The edges are mostly designed from thin layers of metal to add strength to the other materials.

If you purchase your snowboard on a good site, you’ll probably get a one-year warranty, assuring you of a new board should yours break apart too soon. Besides the build, check the size and design. A slimmer snowboard can help you move faster.

Boards also come in different types. All-mountain boards perform in all slopes and topographies of a mountain. Freestyle boards are used by professionals to perform tricks and slide through narrow terraces. Alpines are meant for speed and can’t help you do tricks efficiently.

Boots and Socks

Snowboarding asks for specialized boots that can keep you warm and hold onto the board firmly. The sport also requires specific types of socks. The boots should be comfortable and medium stiff. Traditionally-laced boots are also better for customizations.

On the interior, find boots that are soft and have good cushioning to keep you stable and insulated. Some shoes have removable liners while others are made of permanently attached liners. Choose your pick wisely.

When it comes to socks, choose long, comfy pairs that keep you warm by wicking out moisture from your feet. The best socks also have padding on the lower side and are made out of good materials for durability.

Helmet and Goggles

It’s not a joke. Unless you are really good at learning, you can expect to fall several times as you train to snowboard. A good helmet makes sure your head is protected whenever you fall or hit thickets. In addition to the head, you also don’t want to go blind because of snowboarding.

Special types of googles meant for snowboarding clasp around you firmly and help you avoid cold, wind and injuries from tree branches. When buying a helmet, quality is more important than anything else. If the helmet breaks at the slightest fall, it’s not worth using twice.

The quality of goggles is equally important. Glasses that become foggy as you sweat and breathe inhibit your vision. This could lead to accidents. The best glasses remain firm as your speed. They are ever clear and display terrains vividly. Find the best-rated goggles at https://www.bestreviews.guide/snowboard-goggles and buy glasses that have been tested and impressed with other snowboarders.


Temperatures change constantly in the mountains. The best kinds of clothes to have while snowboarding are jackets and pants that don’t absorb sweat. That means no cotton. Wool, leather and synthetic materials are better.

Because of the changing temperatures, it’s good to have different kinds of clothes. Waterproof jackets and pants come in handy when it starts to rain or as you sweat. A t-shirt and jumper are great when the weather is warm while ski gloves are important all of time. Having an extra layer of protection from extremely low temperatures with gloves for snowboarders is very essential. It ensures safety and comfort during all activities in the snow. Direct contact to the snow is never good even during warm weather, so always have your gloves on.

Guards and Pads

Beginner snowboarders experience injuries to the wrists, knees, and ankles as they learn how to snowboard. If you would want to protect these parts of the body, invest in appropriate guards and pads. Knee and butt pads are readily available online and cheaply. Most people underrate wrist guards but they can mean the difference between having safe hands or a twisted wrist in the evening.

If you are willing to spend more for your safety, there are a lot of optional equipment you could purchase. A neck gator keeps your neck safe in case you fall. Headbands cover your ears and other parts not covered by a helmet. Glove liners add comfort and add grip in case you fall and need to use your gloves for support.

Camera and GPS Tracker

Whether it’s the serene slopes or your friends sliding in action, there are a lot of moments that deserve capturing on a camera. Make sure you carry a good camera that can capture distant objects clearly. If you love videotaping everything, why not? Have your friends tape as you snowboard down the mountains.

In addition to your camera, don’t forget your GPS tracker. It’s easy to get lost in the mountains. Make it easier to be tracked should you get lost in the woods. You can always carry your smartphone for contacts but don’t rely on it. Batteries lose charge and most of them can’t even get a connection the moment you start climbing the mountains.

To Conclude

Snowboarding is as exciting as skiing but the two sports are very different. Snowboarding is harder to learn but once understood, you get lots of control. If you’ve decided to try the sport with your friends in the mountains, go ahead. But make sure you have all the equipment you need.

The board is easy to buy because you can get all sorts of suggestions from your friends. Buying boots, goggles, and helmets require some kind of commitment though. Take your time to find good quality products. They will serve you for long.

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