How To Find Premier Inn Discounts

by Julia on February 18, 2019

Premier Inn is a British hotel organization that has chains in Europe notably the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany. It has even expanded its business to Asia, conquering the United Arab Emirates and India as well.

The hotel has established an excellent reputation in the overall comfort and stay of its valued guests. They offer very comfortable beds, free Wi-Fi services and they even allow cyclists that are staying in their hotels to have their bicycles stored in the room. Their food service is exemplary, serving great food that is worth your money.

Whether you’ll be traveling for leisure or business, Premier Inn can be considered in your options. If you want great savings for your room accommodation, here are some tips on how you can score Premier Inn discount and booking voucher code:

1.    Direct hotel bookings

You might be stuck on the idea that if you book directly on the hotel’s website, you’ll always end up paying for the regular room rates. However, Premier Inn offers exclusive Saver Rates if you use their booking site.

2.    Third party booking sites

If you think that the hotel booking site doesn’t give you the best discounted rate for a room, you can compare it with searching for room rates of the same hotel using third party booking sites. Sometimes, their rates are cheaper compared to the published price in the hotel’s website so make sure you check and compare first. Booking sites include Trivago, Agoda and

3.    Online discount code websites

Some discount websites like Daddydeals, Groupon and Couponokay, provide promo or discount codes on hotel bookings. You have to check if they have existing discount codes and if the promo is still valid. Most of these discount codes are for a limited time only, so it’s just a matter of perfect timing.

4.    Online newspaper

British online newspaper websites have a page dedicated entirely for discount codes. It’s similar to the section of the newspaper where you cut out coupons and vouchers. The Independent and Daily Mail UK provide discount codes for all Premier Inn hotel chains.

5.    Social Media

Premier Inn has social media accounts where they post updates and announcements. Sometimes, they put up promotional offers on Facebook, and you can take that opportunity to score discounted rates for hotel bookings.

6.    Early bookings

The easiest and hassle-free way of getting a cheaper rate for your hotel room is to avoid last minute bookings. Usually, hotel prices tend to increase as your intended date of stay comes near. Booking early, most especially if your travel dates are fixed already, will give you savings on room accommodation.

Final thoughts:

Staying at a hotel doesn’t have to be expensive. At Premier Inn, your comfort doesn’t have to be equated by costly hotel room prices. You can save on hotel rooms by availing discounted rates provided directly by the hotel through their website or using third-party booking sites for your reservations. Moreover, you can make use of promo codes available in websites and online newspaper to get discounts on the published room rates.

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