4 Tips to Planning a Kayak Adventure on Your Holiday

by Julia on February 18, 2019

A kayaking trip provides a thrilling experience to outdoor geeks. The idea of paddling across a water body while getting a nice view of the beautiful scenery is fascinating. However, good planning is necessary to make the best of your trip. Here are the top five tips to start you off:

1)    Equipment and Gear

Packing for your kayak adventure is an exhilarating experience. However, it is only through having quality equipment and gear that you will truly enjoy your adventure, just as you had anticipated. You need to know how to choose a kayak for your paddling needs.

You will also need quality parts for the kayak such as the mini trolley for a sit-in kayak, the pedal pro, among others. Besides, it also essential to have dry bags and boxes for the safety of those items that need to stay dry such as electronics, money, and sleeping bags.

2)    River or Lake Information

It is vital to know your starting point, how to get there and how to get back. Having a short lake paddle can be a thrilling experience until you get lost midway through your trip. It is essential to carry out your research on the driving directions while also looking back occasionally to remember your starting point.

Carrying a map of the river or lake is probably the best way to monitor your location. This is negligible if you reside close to a small lake, but it may be crucial for a sizeable water body. A GPS may be the best option in this era, but they have proved to be unreliable in certain situations, so your ability to revert to old school methods of navigation can help you out.

3)    Weather and Safety

Your paddling experience can be thrilling. However, it is even more satisfying if you know the kind of weather you will be dealing with during your trip. Checking the weather before embarking on your kayak trip allows for better planning beforehand. You should pay keen attention to various aspects such as elevation if at all they are of relevance to your consideration. Exposure to wind is also another factor to put into consideration.

4)    Planning Your Food and Water Needs

Any good kayak trip entails planning for food and water needs. Having a paddling buddy who is constantly grumpy due to hunger is frustrating. Paddling will take you to remote locations with no water and food. This only aggravates the situation. Proper hydration and nutrition are specifically important for the weekend and multi-day trips. Sufficient hydration with plain water strengthens your muscles and joints to increase the energy levels.

Many people occasionally overlook trip planning, but it is a vital aspect of a successful kayak adventure. Good planning should entail various aspects of your trip such as where you are going, your camping site, your team, and most importantly when you will be back. It is of utmost importance to print out your trip plan and give a copy to your family member or a friend before embarking on your trip. This ensures easy tracking in case of an emergency.

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