How to Explore Budapest, Vienna and Prague on A Scenic Rail Adventure

by Julia on January 18, 2019

Train travel in Europe is an excellent way to explore more than one city in a single trip. An amazingly scenic route is Budapest in Hungary, Vienna in Austria and Prague in the Czech Republic. Not too far away from each other these cities have their unique charm and history. Making your scenic rail adventure in Europe a great choice to see these cities all in one holiday.

Now you can choose to arrange your own itinerary and places to stay or you can let an agent do everything for you. offers bespoke packages where everything is arranged for you. So all you have to do is just book, and your whole itinerary will be ready for you. Whichever way you choose to organise the trip, taking this route is a great experience. Here are some of the highlights of visiting the cities of Budapest, Vienna and Prague on a scenic rail adventure.


You may decide to fly direct to Budapest or perhaps arrive by train from another city. Whichever way you arrive, you can enjoy a full itinerary and you should spend at least two days here if your time allows.

Begin at the Hungarian parliament building on the banks of the Danube which is an iconic structure for the city of Budapest. Cross the famous chain-link bridge and visit the Fisherman’s Bastion with its unique architecture and the Buda castle with amazing views across the river and the city. You also won’t want to miss heroes square with its various monuments to see.

There is much history and art to be explored in Budapest, including the shoes on the Danube, a tribute to murdered Jews in Hungary and the Holocaust Memorial museum.

A visit to Budapest wouldn’t be complete without a dip in one of the thermal baths in the city such as Széchenyi Spa. Then relax sampling some local cuisine and drinks. Goulash is a popular dish, and you must try the locally produced Tokay wine.

During your stay you might also want to take a river cruise where you can enjoy the sights of the city from an alternative viewpoint. This is especially beautiful at night when the buildings are lit up and reflecting across the river.

Budapest to Vienna

There are 3 main international train stations in Budapest which are Keleti, Nyugati and Déli. But for travel to Vienna, the best is the Eastern station of Keleti. The journey will usually take less than three hours and route is quite scenic too. When you arrive the main station in Vienna is the central station and this is less than 10 minutes by tram to central city locations such as Karlplatz.


To make the most of your itinerary and to explore the city well, you will need one to two days for a packed time of sightseeing. Or a little longer if you want a slower pace and to explore more deeply.

Known for its beautiful and historic architecture, you simply must take a walking tour in Vienna. Be this guided or self-guided walking is the best way to get around the city. Top places to visit include Schonbrunn Palace, the State Opera House and Hofburg Palace. Other important structures are the Rathaus, or town hall, St Stephens Cathedral and St Peters church.

If you want to learn some more about the history of the city, then you may choose to visit museums such as the Belvedere Museum or the Leopold museum.

To explore the city with a more rigid itinerary, you could choose to book a hop on hop off bus tour where you will be taken to the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna. This is particularly good if you only have a short time to spend here and want to make the most of your visit.

You can’t stay in Vienna without sitting at a café with a coffee and some cake and watching the world go by. This city is a fabulous place for people watching with plenty of great cafes, big and small to choose from.

Vienna to Prague

Return to Vienna’s central train station and take the four-hour railway ride to Prague’s central station, Praha hlavní nádraží. The journey will take you through Bohemia and Moravia offering stunning views of these regions as you pass through. Prague main station is only a twenty-minute walk to the Old Town Square.


It is definitely worth staying two days or more in Prague. Staying in the city is great value for money and there are lots of things to see and do.

When you arrive in Prague you will see the contrast between architectural styles from the city you have just left. Prague old town has a different feel but again the best way to get around the city is on foot. Taking a walking tour in Prague is a good way to see the best sights and learn more about the city.

Top sights to see here include the famous Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock and Prague castle with its gothic style cathedral. Climb to the top of the old town hall to get amazing views across the city. There are also lots of different quirky museums, from the Lego museum to the adults only sex museum.

A boat tour or river cruise is also an excellent way to see the city, especially when you get up close to Charles Bridge from the water. You will learn a lot from the guide as the buildings and history is explained as you make your way down the river.

Prague is also known for its hearty food and locally brewed beers. There are plenty of great restaurants to choose from and a favourite dish is roasted pork knuckle. You certainly won’t go hungry.

The end of your railway adventure

From Prague you can fly home direct or choose to move on to another European city. Train travel is easy within Europe and it is a great way of seeing lots of amazing destinations in one trip. Being only a few hours on the train between cities, the journey time is short and beats the queues and unnecessary waiting time you can find when flying between cities.

When you travel by train, you arrive centrally too. That means you don’t have a long travel time to the city centre as you do from most large airports. Great if you want to maximise your time in each destination and start exploring as soon as you arrive.

Will you choose this itinerary and explore Budapest, Vienna and Prague on a scenic rail adventure?

As you can see by choosing this itinerary you can pack a lot of tours and sightseeing into one short trip. There is so much to see and do within these wonderful cities and travelling by train gives the journey an additional charm. From beautiful palaces, interesting museums to great tasting food and relaxing spas. This break has all the hallmarks for a perfect getaway Will you be choosing a train travel for your next multi destination holiday?

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