Menorca May Be Quieter Than Her Big Sister But There Are Significant Advantages To This!

by Julia on January 17, 2019

In terms of size, Menorca is the 2nd largest Balearic Island behind its big sister, Mallorca, but in terms of visitors, any comparisons end there.

Consider these numbers:

Figures show that Mallorca receives around 13 million visitors each year with Menorca welcoming just 1 million.

These figures alone should tell you just why this stunning, vastly underrated island really is worthy of consideration for those looking at an extremely hospitable and relaxing getaway holiday.

Some major reasons why Menorca merits a visit:

With unbounded, captivating natural countryside and a coastline that will have you spellbound, there is an abundance of reasons as to why Menorca should be on your “must visit” list.

Here are just 5 of them and why one excursion choice will offer an unbelievable experience if taken:

A paradise for nature lovers:

UNESCO’s fully deserved biosphere reserve designation means that the island remains committed to the protection of its beautiful, natural landscape.

Nature lovers who travel to the Barranc de Biniaraix ravine in the Valley of Soller will have the opportunity to see peregrine falcons in full flight and spy the activities of the secretive pine martens who have made this area their home.

As for the natural water world, there are 5 stunning parks and many reserves throughout the island where turtles not only live but thrive. There are also some excellent coves for snorkeling and further afield shipwrecks for those into scuba diving to explore.

Visit the original capital city:

No matter where you have based yourself on Menorca, a trip to the islands old capital city is an excellent day’s excursion. Ciutadella sits at the far eastern end of the island and sports a wonderful Old Town.

The atmospheric mix of historical buildings, interestingly stocked shops and cafes where it is more difficult to leave than stay (and the majority of visitors will linger longer than first anticipated!) make such a visit an extremely pleasing experience.

While here you must pay a visit to the gothic-designed Santa Maria Cathedral to view some superb architecture.

Horse lover’s heaven:

Whether riding or watching enchanting horse spectacles with a difference is to your taste, both are catered for on Menorca.

  • Horse racing with a difference: Hold on to your hats for a spectacularly exciting horse racing experience. The hippodromes at both Mahon and Ciutadella are the places to be. Extremely well-dressed jockeys compete against each other while riding Roman-style Chariots around the arena.

One sure bet: Anyone attending will find it extremely difficult not to be caught up in the atmosphere the cheering, roaring crowd create!

  • Take the reins: Menorca is blessed with many bridleways and tracks allowing those who enjoy a country ride to take full advantage.

  • Celebrated events: The Islanders have a deep affection for horses and island-wide celebrations are held from June to September. Two that are of particular note and include the spectacle of dancing stallions are the Saint Jaume and Saint Lluis festivals which are generally held in late July and late August respectively.

Try the wine (and don’t forget the Gin!)

The fertile ground and lush climate that Menorca benefits from makes it a perfect location for wine production. Vineyards dot the landscape and produce some delicious tasting wines.

There are festivals solely dedicated to the grape and those on the island during the Festes de Gracia (Festival of Gracia) should head to the Town Hall in Mahon where bottles are thrown into the crowd!

Anyone looking for something a little stronger to test their palate (and constitution!) must try the Islands famed Xoriguer Gin.

A worthy excursion while in Mahon is to visit the company’s distillery. If you can’t make that then don’t hesitate to visit a nearby bar and as for the local’s drink of choice; Pomada – a very simple, yet refreshing mix of local gin and cloudy lemonade.

An island easily explored:

Menorca is the perfect size to explore by car. Car hire or car and driver is the way to achieve this. You will find endless photo opportunities (if driving please stop the car before taking a snap!).

During your journey, you will come across villages with quaint cobbled streets and whitewashed houses and local eateries serving up delicious island food made with homegrown and home-caught ingredients.

As you progress between these tranquil places the drive continues through a truly verdant landscape.

Those making such a trip should make sure they head for the centre of the island and visit El Toro. This hill rises 350 meters and once atop offers unrivaled panoramic views that will take your breath away.

A seafaring experience to cap it all:

The fact that Menorca has almost 200 small coves with beach areas galore is a major pull for those visitors looking to enjoy tranquil, relaxed days by the seashore.

There is little doubt that this is a perfect way to spend the bulk of your time while visiting the island but to realise the full value of these hidden-away coves and the deserted beach stretches there is only one way to do it in style.

Take Luxury yacht charter Mallorca for the day. By doing so, the moment you step aboard the luxury vessel you will begin basking in luxurious comfort both in and out of the shade while being looked after in true style.

An experienced captain will know every cove to visit, they will ensure that when you do wish to spend some time on a deserted shore that you safe transportation is assured thanks to the exclusive tender the yacht holds, advice will be given on where to drop anchor for lunch, and when it is time to get the luxury water toys out for those in need of an adrenaline rush the excitement will rise yet again.

Think such things as a high-powered solo watercraft (Seabob) and an exhilarating Jobe Ringo ride as the yacht powers on with you skimming the waves behind.

Supreme sunrise:

A day charter is strongly recommended, but for those who opt for an extended charter by staying aboard for a night or two, the luxury continues unabated.

Anyone choosing such an option will have the luxury of airconditioned, en-suite cabins to make full use of and a very special added bonus.

Because Menorca is the most easterly of the Balearic Islands, those guests who are gently bobbing onboard as the sun rises will have a spectacular, uninterrupted view of this very special daily event from the unique position of floating on the glistening Mediterranean Sea.

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